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Tuning the Absorption, Fluorescence, Intramolecular Charge Transfer, and Intersystem Crossing in Spiro[fluorene]acridinone (2024) Bo Y, Zhang H, Li Y, Reva Y, Xie L, Guldi DM Journal article Synthesis, physicochemical properties and theoretical calculations of a subphthalocyanine peripherally substituted by multiple anthryl-ethynyl-aniline moieties (2023) Fernandez-Vera O, Bo Y, Luo Y, Labella J, Guldi DM, Torres T, Bottari G Journal article Tetracene Dimers: A Platform for Intramolecular Down- and Up-conversion (2023) Bo Y, Hou Y, Thiel D, Weiß R, Clark T, Ferguson MJ, Tykwinski RR, Guldi DM Journal article Interfullerene Electronic Interactions and Excited-State Dynamics in Fullerene Dumbbell Conjugates (2023) Chai Y, Liu L, Xu Y, Liu X, Wang C, Bo Y, Zhang Y, et al. Journal article One-Pot Synthesis and Excited-State Dynamics of Null Exciton-Coupled Diketopyrrolopyrroles Oligo-Grids (2023) Bo Y, Hou P, Wan J, Cao H, Liu Y, Xie L, Guldi DM Journal article Understanding the Visible Absorption of Electron Accepting and Donating CNDs (2023) Reva Y, Jana B, Langford D, Kinzelmann M, Bo Y, Schol P, Scharl T, et al. Journal article A Universal Design Strategy Based on NiPS3 Nanosheets towards Efficient Photothermal Conversion and Solar Desalination (2023) Wang H, Bo Y, Klingenhof M, Peng J, Wang D, Wu B, Pezoldt J, et al. Journal article Altering singlet fission pathways in perylene-dimers; perylene-diimide versus perylene-monoimide (2022) Papadopoulos I, Gutierrez-Moreno D, Bo Y, Casillas R, Greißel P, Clark T, Fernandez-Lazaro F, Guldi DM Journal article