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Neoadjuvant Radiochemotherapy Alters the Immune and Metabolic Microenvironment in Oral Cancer—Analyses of CD68, CD163, TGF-β1, GLUT-1 and HIF-1α Expressions (2024) Weber M, Ries J, Braun K, Wehrhan F, Distel L, Geppert CI, Lutz R, et al. Journal article Expression of Inflammatory Mediators in Biofilm Samples and Clinical Association in Multiple Sclerosis Patients in Remission—A Pilot Study (2024) Fehlhofer JP, Ries J, Nickel F, Rothhammer V, Schwab S, Kesting MR, Buchbender M Journal article Postoperative Changes in Systemic Immune Tolerance Following Major Oncologic versus Minor Maxillofacial Surgery (2023) Trumet L, Ries J, Sobl P, Ivenz N, Wehrhan F, Lutz R, Kesting MR, Weber M Journal article The Immune Checkpoint Receptor CD96: A Local and Systemic Immune Modulator in Oral Cancer? (2023) Trumet L, Weber M, Hahn A, Kunater L, Geppert CI, Glajzer J, Struckmeier AK, et al. Journal article Alterations in macrophage polarization in the craniofacial and extracranial skeleton after zoledronate application and surgical interventions – an in vivo experiment (2023) Struckmeier AK, Wehrhan F, Preidl R, Mike M, Mönch T, Eilers L, Ries J, et al. Journal article Dysregulation of immune checkpoint molecules in oral cancer (2022) Weber M, Lutz R, Glajzer J, Werry JE, Baran C, Frohwitter G, Eckstein M, et al. Conference contribution Combining surgery and immunotherapy in the treatment of head and neck cancer - from neoadjuvant immunotherapy to salvage surgery (2022) Lutz R, Büntemeyer TO, Olmos M, Glajzer J, Ries J, Kesting MR, Weber M Conference contribution Case report: Patient specific combination of surgery and immunotherapy in advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck – a case series and review of literature (2022) Olmos M, Lutz R, Büntemeyer TO, Glajzer J, Nobis CP, Ries J, Möst T, et al. Journal article Macrophage and T-Cell Infiltration and Topographic Immune Cell Distribution in Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer of the Head and Neck (2022) Frohwitter G, Kerta MT, Vogl C, Geppert CI, Werry JE, Ries J, Kesting MR, Weber M Journal article Beyond PD‐L1—Identification of Further Potential Therapeutic Targets in Oral Cancer (2022) Weber M, Lutz R, Olmos M, Glajzer J, Baran C, Nobis CP, Möst T, et al. Journal article
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