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Reconstruction of cyclic Mesozoic-Cenozoic stress development in SE Germany using fault-slip and stylolite inversion (2022) Köhler S, Duschl F, Fazlikhani H, Köhn D, Stephan T, Stollhofen H Journal article Post-Variscan structurally-controlled hydrothermal Zn-Fe-Pb sulfide and F-Ba mineralization in deep-seated Paleozoic units of the North German Basin: A review (2019) Nadoll P, Sosnicka M, Kraemer D, Duschl F Journal article, Review article REY and Trace Element Chemistry of Fluorite from Post-Variscan Hydrothermal Veins in Paleozoic Units of the North German Basin (2018) Nadoll P, Rehm M, Duschl F, Klemd R, Kraemer D, Sosnicka M Journal article Kinetic Interface Sensitive Tracers: Experimental Validation in a Two-Phase Flow Column Experiment. A Proof of Concept (2018) Tatomir A, De Vriendt K, Zhou D, Gao H, Duschl F, Sun F, Licha T, Sauter M Journal article, Original article Fluid inclusion and microfabric studies on Zechstein carbonates (Ca2) and related fracture mineralizations – New insights on gas migration in the Lower Saxony Basin (Germany) (2016) Duschl F, Van Den Kerkhof A, Sosa G, Leiss B, Wiegand B, Vollbrecht A, Sauter M Journal article, Original article Feathery and network-like filamentous textures as indicators for the re-crystallization of quartz from a metastable silica precursor at the Rusey Fault Zone, Cornwall, UK (2016) Yilmaz TI, Duschl F, Di Genova D Journal article, Original article An integrated core-based analysis for the characterization of flow, transport and mineralogical parameters of the Heletz pilot CO2 storage site reservoir (2016) Tatomir AB, Halisch M, Duschl F, Peche A, Wiegand B, Schaffer M, Licha T, et al. Journal article, Original article