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Triazatriangulenium salts - hosts and guests in supramolecular assemblies in solution (2024) Sarkar S, Böck M, Uhl A, Agafontsev A, Schatz J, Kataev E Journal article, Original article Macrocyclic Conformational Switch Coupled with Pyridinium-Induced PET for Fluorescence Detection of Adenosine Triphosphate (2024) Morozov B, Gargiulo F, Ghule S, Lee DJ, Kim HM, Kataev E Journal article Fluorescent macrocycle-dye-anchor conjugates for sensing phospholipids in biomembranes (2023) Oshchepkov AS, Cruz Da Silva E, Morozov B, Aparin IO, Kataev E, Klymchenko AS Journal article Autofluorescent Artemisinin-Benzimidazole Hybrids via Organo-Click Reaction: Study of Antiviral Properties and Mode of Action in Living Cells (2023) Herrmann L, Hahn F, Grau B, Wild M, Niesar A, Wangen C, Kataev E, et al. Journal article Micromolar Affinity and Higher: Synthetic Host-Guest Complexes with High Stabilities (2023) Sarkar S, Ballester P, Spektor M, Kataev E Journal article, Review article Converting pH probes into “turn-on” fluorescent receptors for anions (2023) Kataev E Journal article Cytosine-Functionalized Macrocyclic Receptor for Nucleotides: Combining Three Recognition Motifs (2023) Morozov B, Oshchepkov A, Xu D, Kataev E Journal article Acenaphthenoannulation Induced by the Dual Lewis Acidity of Alumina (2022) Akhmetov V, Feofanov M, Ruppenstein C, Lange J, Sharapa D, Krstic M, Hampel F, et al. Journal article Supramolecular Recognition of Cytidine Phosphate in Nucleotides and RNA Sequences (2022) Morozov B, Oshchepkov AS, Klemt I, Agafontsev A, Krishna S, Hampel F, Xu H, et al. Journal article Three-state fluorescence hydrochromism of a fluorophore-spacer-receptor system with variations in relative humidity (2022) Ni Y, Han Y, Kataev E, Olson MA Journal article
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