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A Novel Concept for Vehicle 2D Pose Estimation Using Automotive SIMO FMCW Radar Sensors in a Bistatic Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Network (2024) Fenske P, Brückner S, Kögel T, Vossiek M Conference contribution It's Tee Time: An Ultrabroadband Componentless Bias Tee: A Planar Ultrabroadband Componentless Bias Tee in Microstrip Line Technology (2024) Kögel T, Scheder A, Meyl M, Sohr S, Vossiek M Journal article Constellation Estimation, Coherent Signal Processing, and Multiperspective Imaging in an Uncoupled Bistatic Cooperative Radar Network (2024) Fenske P, Kögel T, Ghasemi R, Vossiek M Journal article Time and Frequency Synchronization for Real-Time Wireless Digital Communication Systems (2024) Ghasemi R, Kögel T, Fenske P, Schober R, Vossiek M Conference contribution An Active Self-Interference Cancellation Coupler with 60 dB Isolation Applied in a 24 GHz SFCW Radar (2023) Fenske P, Kögel T, Scheder A, Root K, Carlowitz C, Vossiek M Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Self-Interference Leakage Estimation 'N' Cancellation Element: Design of an Active Self-Interference Cancellation Coupler (2023) Fenske P, Scheder A, Kögel T, Root K, Vossiek M, Carlowitz C Journal article A Cost-Efficient Hybrid UHF RFID and Odometry-Based Mobile Robot Self-Localization Technique With Centimeter Precision (2022) Kammel C, Kögel T, Gareis M, Vossiek M Journal article Quasi-Coherent Phase-Based Localization and Tracking of Incoherently Transmitting Radio Beacons (2021) Sippel E, Hehn M, Kögel T, Gröschel P, Hofmann A, Brückner S, Geiß J, et al. Journal article, Original article A 780-nW Frequency-Agile Fully Integrated Super-Regenerative Multi-Channel UHF Receiver for Continuous Spectral Monitoring (2019) Eppel M, Milosiu H, Kögel T, Oehler F Conference contribution