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Attenuation of fibroblast activation and fibrosis by adropin in systemic sclerosis (2024) Liang M, Dickel N, Györfi AH, SafakTümerdem B, Li YN, Rius Rigau A, Liang C, et al. Journal article Performance of serum biomarkers reflective of different pathogenic processes in systemic sclerosis-associated interstitial lung disease. (2024) Györfi AH, Filla T, Dickel N, Möller F, Li YN, Bergmann C, Matei AE, et al. Journal article Combined inhibition of IL-1, IL-33 and IL-36 signalling by targeting IL1RAP ameliorates skin and lung fibrosis in preclinical models of systemic sclerosis (2024) Grönberg C, Rattik S, Tran-Manh C, Zhou X, Rius Rigau A, Li YN, Györfi AH, et al. Journal article XCR1 expression distinguishes human conventional dendritic cell type 1 with full effector functions from their immediate precursors (2023) Heger L, Hatscher L, Liang C, Lehmann C, Amon L, Lühr JJ, Kaszubowski T, et al. Journal article Immunoglobulin G-dependent inhibition of inflammatory bone remodeling requires pattern recognition receptor Dectin-1 (2023) Seeling M, Pöhnl M, Kara S, Horstmann N, Riemer CD, Wöhner M, Liang C, et al. Journal article, Original article Tumor microenvironment-dependent epigenetic imprinting in the vasculature predicts colon cancer outcome (2023) Naschberger E, Fuchs M, Dickel N, Kunz M, Popp B, Anchang CG, Demmler R, et al. Journal article L-Arginine metabolism inhibits arthritis and inflammatory bone loss (2023) Cao S, Li Y, Song R, Meng X, Fuchs M, Liang C, Kachler K, et al. Journal article Soluble CD83 modulates human-monocyte-derived macrophages toward alternative phenotype, function, and metabolism. (2023) Peckert-Maier K, Wild A, Sprißler L, Fuchs M, Beck P, Auger JP, Sinner P, et al. Journal article Soluble CD83 improves and accelerates wound healing by the induction of pro-resolving macrophages (2022) Royzman D, Peckert-Maier K, Stich L, König C, Wild A, Tauchi M, Ostalecki C, et al. Journal article Blocking IL-1, IL-33 and IL-36 Signaling with the Anti-IL1RAP Antibody mCAN10 Ameliorates Inflammation and Fibrosis in Preclinical Models of Systemic Sclerosis (2022) Gronberg C, Rattik S, Kunz M, Thoung Trinh-Minh , TRAN MANH C, Zhou X, Skoog P, et al. Conference contribution
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