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Monolithic Two-Terminal Tandem Solar Cells Using Sb2S3 and Solution-Processed PbS Quantum Dots Achieving an Open-Circuit Potential beyond 1.1 V (2024) Kern S, Yi G, Büttner P, Scheler F, Tran MH, Korenko S, Dehm K, et al. Journal article, Original article Continuous, crystalline Sb2S3 ultrathin light absorber coatings in solar cells based on photonic concentric p-i-n heterojunctions (2022) Büttner P, Scheler F, Döhler D, Barr M, Bosch M, Rey M, Yokosawa T, et al. Journal article, Original article A Geometrically Well-Defined and Systematically Tunable Experimental Model to Transition from Planar to Mesoporous Perovskite Solar Cells (2022) Döhler D, Büttner P, Scheler F, Thiel D, Puscher B, Bochmann S, Mitrovic J, et al. Journal article A Self‐Ordered Nanostructured Transparent Electrode of High Structural Quality and Corresponding Functional Performance (2021) Döhler D, Triana Merlo AD, Büttner P, Scheler F, Görlitzer E, Harrer J, Vasileva AA, et al. Journal article, Original article ZnS Ultrathin Interfacial Layers for Optimizing Carrier Management in Sb2S3-based Photovoltaics (2021) Büttner P, Scheler F, Pointer C, Döhler D, Yokosawa T, Spiecker E, P. Boix P, et al. Journal article Elucidating Mechanistic Details of Photo-Induced Charge Transfer in Antimony Sulfide-Based p-i-n Junctions (2021) Pointer C, Büttner P, Scheler F, Döhler D, Minguez-Bacho I, Bachmann J, Young ER Journal article Adjusting Interfacial Chemistry and Electronic Properties of Photovoltaics Based on a Highly Pure Sb2S3 Absorber by Atomic Layer Deposition (2019) Büttner P, Scheler F, Pointer C, Döhler D, Barr M, Koroleva A, Pankin D, et al. Journal article Ordered nanopore arrays with large interpore distances via one-step anodization (2018) Minguez Bacho I, Scheler F, Büttner P, Bley K, Vogel N, Bachmann J Journal article