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Dose-escalated re-irradiation improves outcome in locally recurrent head and neck cancer – Results of a large multicenter analysis (2023) Roesch J, Oertel M, Wegen S, Trommer M, Schleifenbaum J, Hering D, Mäurer M, et al. Journal article Deep learning for automatic head and neck lymph node level delineation provides expert-level accuracy (2023) Weissmann T, Huang Y, Fischer S, Roesch J, Mansoorian S, Gaona HA, Gostian AO, et al. Journal article, Original article Low-dose radiotherapy of osteoarthritis: from biological findings to clinical effects-challenges for future studies (2023) Weissmann T, Rückert M, Putz F, Donaubauer AJ, Hecht M, Schnellhardt S, Schubert P, et al. Journal article, Review article Deep Learning-based Auto-contouring of Lymph Node Levels in Head and Neck Area (2022) Weissmann T, Huang Y, Sommer P, Roesch J, Mansoorian S, Ayala H, Fischer S, et al. Conference contribution Re-Irradiation in head & neck cancer - a pooled analysis of 253 individual cases (2021) Roesch J, Oertel M, Fabian A, Hoeck M, Von Der Gruen J, Loeser A, Suess C, et al. Conference contribution Re-Irradiation for Patients with Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma - A multicenter Analysis of 253 Patients of the jDEGRO Trial Group (2021) Roesch J, Oertel M, Dobiasch S, Fabian A, Fleischmann D, Von Der Gruen J, Hering D, et al. Conference contribution Progress Patterns under Radioimmunotherapy - clinical Evaluation of the prospective STICI Study (2021) Schubert P, Schweizer C, Roesch J, Haderlein M, Rutzner S, Semrau S, Donaubauer AJ, et al. Conference contribution Prediction of response to Certolizumab-Pegol in rheumatoid arthritis (PreCePRA) by functional MRI of the brain – Study protocol for a randomized double-blind controlled study (2021) Schenker H, Tascilar K, Konerth L, Sergeeva M, Prade J, Strobelt S, Kleyer A, et al. Journal article Volumetric Regression in Brain Metastases After Stereotactic Radiotherapy: Time Course, Predictors, and Significance (2021) Oft D, Schmidt M, Weissmann T, Roesch J, Mengling V, Masitho S, Bert C, et al. Journal article Volumetric regression in brain metastases after stereotactic RT: Time course and significance (2020) Putz F, Oft D, Perrin R, Mengling V, Weissmann T, Roesch J, Mansoorian S, et al. Conference contribution