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Solution-Growth Liquid-Phase Epitaxy of CsPbBr3 on NaCl by Optimizing the Substrate Dissolution (2023) Elia J, Levchuk I, Hou Y, Matt G, These A, Zhao Y, Zhang J, et al. Journal article Integrated System Built for Small-Molecule Semiconductors via High-Throughput Approaches (2023) Wu J, Zhang J, Hu M, Reiser P, Torresi L, Friederich P, Lahn L, et al. Journal article Efficient, stable, and fully printed carbon-electrode perovskite solar cells enabled by hole-transporting bilayers (2023) Du T, Qiu S, Zhou X, Le Corre VM, Wu M, Dong L, Peng Z, et al. Journal article Reducing Open-Circuit Voltage Losses in All-Inorganic Perovskite Cells by Dedoping (2023) Peng Z, Tian J, Zhang K, These A, Xie Z, Zhao Y, Osvet A, et al. Journal article Intercalating-Organic-Cation-Induced Stability Bowing in Quasi-2D Metal-Halide Perovskites (2022) Zhang J, Langner S, Wu J, Kupfer C, Lüer L, Meng W, Zhao B, et al. Journal article Cage Molecules Stabilize Lead Halide Perovskite Thin Films (2022) Sun S, Liu M, Thapa J, Hartono NTP, Zhao Y, He D, Wieghold S, et al. Journal article Exploring the Steric Hindrance of Alkylammonium Cations in the Structural Reconfiguration of Quasi-2D Perovskite Materials Using a High-throughput Experimental Platform (2022) Zhang J, Wu J, Langner S, Zhao B, Xie Z, Hauch J, Afify HA, et al. Journal article Steric Engineering Enables Efficient and Photostable Wide-Bandgap Perovskites for All-Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells (2022) Wen J, Zhao Y, Liu Z, Gao H, Lin R, Wan S, Ji C, et al. Journal article Discovery of temperature-induced stability reversal in perovskites using high-throughput robotic learning (2021) Zhao Y, Hauch J, Zhang J, Xu Z, Sun S, Langner S, Hartono NTP, et al. Journal article Utilizing the unique charge extraction properties of antimony tin oxide nanoparticles for efficient and stable organic photovoltaics (2021) Liu C, Félix R, Forberich K, Du X, Heumüller T, Matt G, Gu E, et al. Journal article
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