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Gradient-based geometry learning for fan-beam CT reconstruction (2023) Thies M, Wagner F, Maul N, Folle L, Meier M, Rohleder M, Schneider LS, et al. Journal article, Original article Geometric Constraints Enable Self-Supervised Sinogram Inpainting in Sparse-View Tomography (2023) Wagner F, Thies M, Maul N, Pfaff L, Aust O, Pechmann S, Syben C, Maier A Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement Using 60 GHz-Radar—A Feasibility Study (2023) Vysotskaya N, Will C, Servadei L, Maul N, Mandl C, Nau M, Harnisch J, Maier A Journal article On the Benefit of Dual-Domain Denoising in a Self-Supervised Low-Dose CT Setting (2023) Wagner F, Thies M, Pfaff L, Aust O, Pechmann S, Weidner D, Maul N, et al. Conference contribution Optimizing CT Scan Geometries With and Without Gradients (2023) Thies M, Wagner F, Maul N, Pfaff L, Schneider LS, Syben C, Maier A Conference contribution, Original article Noise2Contrast: Multi-contrast Fusion Enables Self-supervised Tomographic Image Denoising (2023) Wagner F, Thies M, Pfaff L, Maul N, Pechmann S, Gu M, Utz J, et al. Conference contribution Transient Hemodynamics Prediction Using an Efficient Octree-Based Deep Learning Model (2023) Maul N, Zinn K, Wagner F, Thies M, Rohleder M, Pfaff L, Kowarschik M, et al. Conference contribution Robust multi-contrast MRI denoising using trainable bilateral filters without noise-free targets (2023) Pfaff L, Wagner F, Hoßbach J, Preuhs E, Maul N, Thies M, Denzinger F, et al. Conference contribution Enabling Geometry Aware Learning Through Differentiable Epipolar View Translation (2023) Rohleder M, Pradel C, Wagner F, Thies M, Maul N, Denzinger F, Maier A, Kreher B Conference contribution Trainable joint bilateral filters for enhanced prediction stability in low-dose CT (2022) Wagner F, Thies M, Denzinger F, Gu M, Patwari M, Ploner S, Maul N, et al. Journal article