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Treg depletion supercharges ASCT power (2024) Bruns H Journal article Enhanced potency of immunotherapy against B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia by combination of an Fc-engineered CD19 antibody and CD47 blockade (2024) Schewe DM, Vogiatzi F, Münnich IA, Zeller T, Windisch R, Wichmann C, Müller K, et al. Journal article Strain specific differences in vitamin D3 response: impact on gut homeostasis (2024) Schreiber L, Ghimire S, Hiergeist A, Renner K, Althammer M, Babl N, Peuker A, et al. Journal article Detection of signature double-negative T cells is a predictive marker to identify autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome associated with FAS loss of function (2024) Eisenhauer N, Miano M, Naumann-Bartsch N, Leyh J, Dell'Orso G, Aigner M, Fecker G, et al. Journal article An IL-1β-driven neutrophil–stromal cell axis fosters a BAFF-rich protumor microenvironment in individuals with multiple myeloma (2024) de Jong MM, Fokkema C, Papazian N, Czeti Á, Appelman MK, Vermeulen M, van Heusden T, et al. Journal article Breaking barriers: NEK2 inhibition shines in multiple myeloma treatment (2023) Lischer C, Bruns H Journal article Cellular and humoral immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in patients after CD19.CAR T-cell therapy (2023) Reimann H, Kremer A, Blumenberg V, Schmidt K, Aigner M, Jacobs B, Eisenhauer N, et al. Journal article, Letter Oxidative DNA damage in reconstituting T cells is associated with relapse and inferior survival after allo-SCT (2023) Karl F, Liang C, Böttcher-Loschinski R, Stoll A, Flamann C, Richter S, Lischer C, et al. Journal article Accumulation of T-cell-suppressive PD-L1 high extracellular vesicles is associated with GvHD and might impact GvL efficacy (2023) Baur R, Karl F, Böttcher-Loschinski R, Stoll A, Völkl S, Gießl A, Flamann C, et al. Journal article Blocking the CD47-Sirpa Axis Enhances Tafasitamab-Mediated Phagocytosis (2022) Biedermann A, Mangelberger-Eberl D, Mougiakakos D, Büttner-Herold M, Flamann C, Kellner C, Altmeyer S, et al. Conference contribution