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Assessing reliability and validity of different stiffness measurement tools on a multi-layered phantom tissue model (2023) Bartsch K, Brandl A, Weber P, Wilke J, Bensamoun SF, Bauermeister W, Klingler W, Schleip R Journal article Influence of Rolfing Structural Integration on Active Range of Motion: A Retrospective Cohort Study (2022) Brandl A, Bartsch K, James H, Miller ME, Schleip R Journal article Expert consensus on the contraindications and cautions of foam rolling—An international delphi study (2021) Bartsch K, Baumgart C, Freiwald J, Wilke J, Slomka G, Turnhöfer S, Egner C, et al. Journal article The Stiffness Comparison Test: A pilot study to determine inter-individual differences in palpatory skill related to gender, age, and occupation-related experience (2020) Bartsch K, Schleip R, Zullo A, Hoppe K, Klingler W Journal article Bewegungsförderung in der Lebenswelt Kommune – praktische Evidenz zu Erfolgsfaktoren, Hindernissen und Bedarfen (2019) Kohler S, Semrau J, Janz L, Bartsch K, Abu-Omar K, Rütten A, Pfeifer K Book chapter / Article in edited volumes KOMBINE – Kommunale Bewegungsförderung zur Implementierung der Nationalen Empfehlungen (2019) Janz L, Kohler S, Semrau J, Bartsch K, Abu-Omar K, Rütten A, Pfeifer K Book chapter / Article in edited volumes The dose-response relationship between physical activity and mortality in people with noncommunicable diseases: A study protocol for the systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies (2019) Geidl W, Schlesinger S, Mino E, Miranda L, Ryan A, Bartsch K, Janz L, Pfeifer K Journal article, Review article