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Impact of different cephalometric skeletal configurations on anatomic midface parameters in adults (2024) Willershausen I, Ehrenfried A, Krautkremer F, Ströbel A, Seidel CL, Paulsen F, Kopp M, et al. Journal article Feasibility of 3 Tesla MRI for the assessment of mid-palatal suture maturation: a retrospective pilot study (2024) Willershausen I, Kopp M, Scholz M, Ströbel A, Seidel CL, Paulsen F, Uder M, et al. Journal article The Tip60/Ep400 chromatin remodeling complex impacts basic cellular functions in cranial neural crest-derived tissue during early orofacial development (2023) Gehlen-Breitbach S, Schmid T, Fröb F, Rodrian G, Weider M, Wegner M, Gölz L Journal article Cinematic rendering to improve visualization of supplementary and ectopic teeth using CT datasets (2023) Willershausen I, Necker F, Kloeckner R, Seidel CL, Paulsen F, Gölz L, Scholz M Journal article Clinical implementation of axial angulation of incisors in the course of routine fixed appliance treatment — a retrospective cohort study (2023) Pour RD, Papageorgiou SN, Safi S, Eble OS, Jäger A, Gölz L Journal article The impact of passive alveolar molding vs. nasoalveolar molding on cleft width and other parameters of maxillary growth in unilateral cleft lip palate (2023) Parhofer R, Rau A, Strobel K, Gölz L, Stark R, Ritschl LM, Wolff KD, et al. Journal article Orofacial clefts alter early life oral microbiome maturation towards higher levels of potentially pathogenic species: A prospective observational study (2023) Seidel CL, Strobel K, Weider M, Tschaftari M, Unertl C, Willershausen I, Weber M, et al. Journal article Orofacial clefts lead to increased pro-inflammatory cytokine levels on neonatal oral mucosa (2022) Seidel CL, Percivalle E, Tschaftari M, Weider M, Strobel K, Willershausen I, Unertl C, et al. Journal article Congenital Nail Disorders among Children with Suspected Ectodermal Dysplasias (2022) Maier-Wohlfart S, Aicher C, Willershausen I, Peschel N, Meißner U, Gölz L, Schneider H Journal article The comparison of the morphology of the mid-palatal suture between edentulous individuals and dentate jaws shows morphological differences (2022) Willershausen I, Krautkremer F, Hilbert T, Seidel CL, Geppert CI, Ghanaati S, Necker F, et al. Journal article
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