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Sex-specific pleiotropic changes in emotional behavior and alcohol consumption in human α-synuclein A53T transgenic mice during early adulthood (2024) Kalinichenko L, Kohl Z, Mühle C, Hassan Z, Hahn A, Schmitt EM, Macht K, et al. Journal article Neuropsychology and MRI correlates of neurodegeneration in SPG11 hereditary spastic paraplegia (2022) Utz K, Kohl Z, Marterstock D, Dörfler A, Winkler J, Schmidt M, Regensburger M Journal article Neurometabolic Dysfunction in SPG11 Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. (2022) Winner B, Marterstock D, Kopp C, Dörfler A, Regensburger M, Krumm L, Schmidt M, et al. Journal article Inertial Gait Sensors to Measure Mobility and Functioning in Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia A Cross-sectional Multicenter Clinical Study (2022) Regensburger M, Spatz I, Ollenschläger M, Martindale C, Lindeburg P, Kohl Z, Eskofier B, et al. Journal article Structural Connectivity Patterns of Side Effects Induced by Subthalamic Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease (2022) Kohl Z, Strotzer QD, Kohl Z, Anthofer JM, Faltermeier R, Schmidt NO, Torka E, et al. Journal article Functional gait measures correlate to fear of falling, and quality of life in patients with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia: A cross-sectional study (2021) Gaßner H, List J, Martindale C, Regensburger M, Klucken J, Winkler J, Kohl Z Journal article Compensatory neuritogenesis of serotonergic afferents within the striatum of a transgenic rat model of Parkinson's disease (2020) Stemick J, Gauer C, Wihan J, Moceri S, Xiang W, von Hörsten S, Kohl Z, Winkler J Journal article Intracellular A53T Mutant alpha-Synuclein Impairs Adult Hippocampal Newborn Neuron Integration (2020) Winner B, Regensburger M, Stemick J, Masliah E, Kohl Z Journal article, other Intracellular A53T Mutant α-Synuclein Impairs Adult Hippocampal Newborn Neuron Integration (2020) Regensburger M, Stemick J, Masliah E, Kohl Z, Winner B Journal article Gait variability as digital biomarker of disease severity in Huntington’s disease (2020) Gaßner H, Jensen D, Marxreiter F, Kletsch A, Bohlen S, Schubert R, Muratori LM, et al. Journal article