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Data Consistent Artifact Reduction for Limited Angle Tomography with Deep Learning Prior (2019) Huang Y, Preuhs A, Lauritsch G, Manhart M, Huang X, Maier A Conference contribution, Original article Motion Gradients for Epipolar Consistency (2019) Preuhs A, Manhart M, Hoppe E, Kowarschik M, Maier A Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Fast Epipolar Consistency without the Need for Pseudo Matrix Inverses (2018) Preuhs A, Manhart M, Maier A Conference contribution Lattice Boltzmann methods in porous media simulations: From laminar to turbulent flow (2016) Fattahi E, Waluga C, Wohlmuth BI, Rüde U, Manhart M, Helmig R Journal article, Original article Bridge to Real Data: Empirical Multiple Material Calibration for Learning-Based Material Decomposition (2016) Lu Y, Berger M, Manhart M, Choi JH, Hoheisel M, Kowarschik M, Fahrig R, et al. Conference contribution Fast adaptive regularization for perfusion parameter computation: Tuning the Tikhonov regularization parameter to the SNR by regression (2015) Manhart M, Maier A, Hornegger J, Dörfler A Conference contribution Fast Adaptive Regularization for Perfusion Parameter Computation (2015) Manhart M, Maier A, Hornegger J, Dörfler A Conference contribution, Original article Projection-based Material Decomposition by Machine Learning using Image-based Features for Computed Tomography (2015) Lu Y, Geret J, Unberath M, Manhart M, Ren Q, Fahrig R, Hornegger J, Maier A Conference contribution Projection-Based Denoising Method for Photon-Counting Energy-Resolving Detectors (2015) Lu Y, Manhart M, Taubmann O, Zobel T, Yang Q, Choi JH, Wu M, et al. Conference contribution Material Decomposition for Energy Resolving Detectors using Weighted Levenberg-Marquardt Optimization (2014) Manhart M, Maier A, Hornegger J, Dörfler A Conference contribution, Original article
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