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Perinatal Outcome in Pregnant Women With Isolated Oligohydramnios Diagnosed With the Single Deepest Pocket Method (2024) Dammer U, Pretscher J, Weiss C, Schneider M, Faschingbauer F, Beckmann M, Kehl S Journal article Ambulante Geburtseinleitung: Wann und wie? (2024) Kehl S, Bader S, Anetsberger D, Schneider M Journal article Predicting mammographic density with linear ultrasound transducers (2023) Behrens A, Fasching P, Schwenke E, Gaß P, Häberle L, Heindl F, Heusinger K, et al. Journal article Aggregation tests identify new gene associations with breast cancer in populations with diverse ancestry (2023) Mueller SH, Lai AG, Valkovskaya M, Michailidou K, Bolla MK, Wang Q, Dennis J, et al. Journal article Cerebroplacental versus Umbilicocerebral Ratio—Analyzing the Predictive Value Regarding Adverse Perinatal Outcomes in Low- and High-Risk Fetuses at Term (2023) Stumpfe F, Mayr A, Schneider M, Kehl S, Stübs F, Antoniadis S, Titzmann A, et al. Journal article Feasibility and Acceptance of Self-Guided Mobile Ultrasound among Pregnant Women in Routine Prenatal Care (2023) Pontones C, Titzmann A, Hübner H, Danzberger N, Rübner M, Häberle L, Eskofier B, et al. Journal article Orofacial clefts alter early life oral microbiome maturation towards higher levels of potentially pathogenic species: A prospective observational study (2023) Seidel CL, Strobel K, Weider M, Tschaftari M, Unertl C, Willershausen I, Weber M, et al. Journal article Age-related Differences in Immune Reactions to SARS-CoV-2 Spike and Nucleocapsid Antigens (2023) Morhart P, Kehl S, Schuh W, Hermes K, Meltendorf S, Neubert A, Schneider M, et al. Journal article Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Pregnancy - Recommendations of the Working Group on Obstetrics and Prenatal Medicine (AGG - Section on Maternal Disorders) (2023) Schneider M, Faschingbauer F, Kagan KO, Groβ U, Enders M, Kehl S Journal article Recommendations of the AGG (Working Group for Obstetrics, Department of Maternal Diseases) on How to Treat Thyroid Function Disorders in Pregnancy. (2023) Hamza A, Schlembach D, Schild RL, Groten T, Wölfle J, Battefeld W, Kehl S, Schneider M Journal article
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