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Meiobenthos and ocean acidification: Effects on meiobenthic communities inhabiting Mediterranean cold shallow CO2-vents (2024) Cocozza di Montanara A, Baldrighi E, López Correa M, Chianese E, Appolloni L, Simoncini N, Sandulli R, et al. Journal article Fibrous dolomite formation at a Miocene methane seep may reflect Neoproterozoic aragonite-dolomite sea conditions (2023) Lu Y, Paulmann C, Mihailova B, Malcherek T, Birgel D, López Correa M, Lin Z, et al. Journal article Antarctic Bioconstructional Bryozoans from Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea): Morphology, Skeletal Structures and Biomineralization (2023) Lombardi C, Kuklinski P, Spirandelli E, Bruzzone G, Raiteri G, Bordone A, Mazzoli C, et al. Journal article, Original article Structural and geochemical assessment of the coralline alga Tethysphytum antarcticum from Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea, Antarctica (2023) López Correa M, Teichert S, Ragazzola F, Cazorla Vázquez S, Engel F, Hurle K, Mazzoli C, et al. Journal article Carbon and oxygen isotope fractionation in the Late Devonian heterocoral Oligophylloides: Implications for the skeletogenesis and evolution of the Heterocorallia (2022) Dworczak PG, López Correa M, Jakubowicz M, Munnecke A, Joachimski M, Mazzoli C, Berkowski B Journal article Mapping intrashell variation in Mg/Ca of brachiopods to external growth lines: Mg enrichment corresponds to seasonal growth slowdown (2022) Müller T, Tomašových A, López Correa M, Mertz-Kraus R, Mikuš T Journal article, Original article 3D MORPHOLOGY OF POST MORTEM ACROTHORACICAN BORINGS IN FAMENNIAN HETEROCORALS – A MORPHOLOGICAL DIVERSIFICATION OR A CONTINUUM ICHNOSPECIES? (2022) Dworczak PG, Jarochowska E, López Correa M, Berkowski B Journal article Sclerochronological insights into the environmental response of Corbula gibba from the Adriatic Sea (2022) Strafella P, al-Fudhaili N, de Winter N, López Correa M, Teichert S, Scarcella G, Nohl T Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Distribution of Microplastics in the Marine Environment (2021) Strafella P, López Correa M, Pyko I, Teichert S, Gomiero A Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Cave finds indicate elk (Alces alces) hunting during the Late Iron Age in the Bavarian Alps (2020) López Correa M, Pasda K, Stojakowits P, Häck B, Prieto J, al-Fudhaili N, Mayr C Journal article, Original article