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Three-dimensional assessment of upper airway changes associated with mandibular positional deviations following fibula free flap reconstruction (2024) Schulz K, Matta R, Nobis CP, Möst T, Kesting MR, Lutz R Journal article Occult metastasis is no burden factor in oral squamous cell carcinoma patients when adhering to a standardized approach in neck dissection (2024) Struckmeier AK, Buchbender M, Möst T, Lutz R, Agaimy A, Kesting MR Journal article Comparison of the 7th and revised 8th UICC editions (2020) for oral squamous cell carcinoma: How does the reclassification impact staging and survival? (2024) Struckmeier AK, Eichhorn P, Agaimy A, Buchbender M, Möst T, Lutz R, Kesting MR Journal article An ex vivo model for education and training of bilateral cleft lip surgery (2023) Lutz R, Kesting MR, Weber M, Olmos M, Tasyürek D, Möst T, Bürstner J, Schulz K Journal article Prevalence of carotid artery calcification detected by different dental imaging techniques and their relationship with cardiovascular risk factors, age and gender (2023) Möst T, Winter L, Ballheimer YE, Kappler C, Schmid M, Adler W, Weber M, et al. Journal article A Treatment Approach for Carotid Blowout Syndrome and Soft Tissue Reconstruction after Radiotherapy in Patients with Oral Cancer: A Report of 2 Cases (2023) Möst T, Kesting MR, Rohde M, Lang W, Meyer A, Weber M, Lutz R Journal article The Immune Checkpoint Receptor CD96: A Local and Systemic Immune Modulator in Oral Cancer? (2023) Trumet L, Weber M, Hahn A, Kunater L, Geppert CI, Glajzer J, Struckmeier AK, et al. Journal article Diagnostic accuracy of contrast-enhanced computed tomography in assessing cervical lymph node status in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma (2023) Struckmeier AK, Yekta E, Agaimy A, Kopp M, Buchbender M, Möst T, Lutz R, Kesting MR Journal article Retrospective three-dimensional analysis of bone resorption volumes of free microvascular scapular and fibular grafts (2022) Taxis J, Nobis CP, Grau E, Kesting MR, Möst T Journal article Case report: Patient specific combination of surgery and immunotherapy in advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck – a case series and review of literature (2022) Olmos M, Lutz R, Büntemeyer TO, Glajzer J, Nobis CP, Ries J, Möst T, et al. Journal article
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