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Mesoscopic Structure of Lipid Nanoparticle Formulations for mRNA Drug Delivery: Comirnaty and Drug-Free Dispersions (2024) Unruh T, Götz K, Vogel C, Fröhlich E, Scheurer A, Porcar L, Steiniger F Journal article Atomic diffusion in liquid gallium and gallium-nickel alloys probed by quasielastic neutron scattering and molecular dynamic simulations (2024) Shahzad A, Yang F, Steffen J, Neiß C, Panchenko A, Götz K, Vogel C, et al. Journal article Solution-Growth Liquid-Phase Epitaxy of CsPbBr3 on NaCl by Optimizing the Substrate Dissolution (2023) Elia J, Levchuk I, Hou Y, Matt G, These A, Zhao Y, Zhang J, et al. Journal article Porphyrin adsorption and ligand exchange at the (110)-TiO2 / organic liquid interface (2022) Götz K, Stollberg I, Prihoda A, Bertram F, Metwalli E, Zech T, Unruh T Journal article Investigating Growth of Gold Nanorods by Simultaneous Small-Angle X-Ray and Neutron Scattering (2022) Zech T, Metwalli E, Götz K, Schuldes I, Porcar L, Unruh T Journal article Highly Stable Lasing from Solution-Epitaxially Grown Formamidinium-Lead-Bromide Micro-Resonators (2022) Afify HA, Sytnyk M, Rehm V, Barabash A, Mashkov O, Osvet A, Volobuev VV, et al. Journal article Hydrogenated anatase TiO2 single crystals: defects formation and structural changes as microscopic origin of co-catalyst free photocatalytic H2 evolution activity (2021) Will J, Wierzbicka E, Wu M, Götz K, Yokosawa T, Liu N, Tesler A, et al. Journal article, Original article Simultaneous SAXS/SANS Method at D22 of ILL: Instrument Upgrade (2021) Metwalli E, Götz K, Zech T, Bär C, Schuldes I, Martel A, Porcar L, Unruh T Journal article, Online publication Unraveling Complexity: A Strategy for the Characterization of Anisotropic Core Multishell Nanoparticles (2020) Lin W, Greve C, Härtner S, Götz K, Walter J, Wu M, Rechberger S, et al. Journal article Epitaxial Metal Halide Perovskites by Inkjet-Printing on Various Substrates (2020) Sytnyk M, Yousefi-Amin AA, Freund T, Prihoda A, Götz K, Unruh T, Harreiß C, et al. Journal article