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Performance of environmentally friendly, liquid-infused coatings against biofouling: evaluation of macrofouling and microbially induced corrosion in freshwater environments (2024) Walter T, Langbein M, Blenk P, Tesler A, Prado L, Bornstein D, Virtanen S, et al. Journal article, Original article Comparative Evaluation of the Asymmetric Synthesis of (S)-Norlaudanosoline in a Two-Step Biocatalytic Reaction with Whole Escherichia coli Cells in Batch and Continuous Flow Catalysis (2023) Arnold A, Castiglione K Journal article You get what you screen for: a benchmark analysis of leaf branch compost cutinase variants for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) degradation (2023) Fritzsche S, Tischer F, Peukert W, Castiglione K Journal article Measurement of Minute Liquid Volumes of Chiral Molecules Using In-Fiber Polarimetry (2023) Schorn F, Essert A, Zhong Y, Abdullayev S, Castiglione K, Haumann M, Joly N Journal article, Original article Enhancing the activity of a monomeric alcohol dehydrogenase for site-specific applications by site-directed mutagenesis (2023) Essert A, Castiglione K Journal article Switchable Signaling Molecules for Media Modulation: Fundamentals, Applications, and Research Directions (2023) Brand L, Scherer M, Lotter S, tom Dieck T, Schaufer M, Burkovski A, Sticht H, et al. Journal article Dimer Stabilization by SpyTag/SpyCatcher Coupling of the Reductase Domains of a Chimeric P450 BM3 Monooxygenase from Bacillus spp. Improves its Stability, Activity, and Purification (2023) Essert A, Castiglione K Journal article Controlled Signaling and Transmitter Replenishment for MC with Functionalized Nanoparticles (2022) Schäfer M, Brand L, Lotter S, Büyükoglu A, Enzenhofer F, Haselmayr W, Castiglione K, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Media Modulation based Molecular Communication (2022) Brand L, Garkisch M, Lotter S, Schäfer M, Burkovski A, Sticht H, Castiglione K, Schober R Journal article Mitochondrial respiration in B lymphocytes is essential for humoral immunity by controlling the flux of the TCA cycle (2022) Urbanczyk S, Baris OR, Hofmann J, Taudte V, Guegen N, Golombek F, Castiglione K, et al. Journal article
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