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Atomistic simulations of diffusion in γ′ -strengthened Co-based superalloys and its connection to selective alumina formation in early-stage oxidation (2023) Qin L, Kubacka D, Spiecker E, Drautz R, Rogal J Journal article The effect of γ matrix channel width on the compositional evolution in a multi-component nickel-based superalloy (2022) Saksena A, Kubacka D, Gault B, Spiecker E, Kontis P Journal article Early stages of high-temperature oxidation of Ni- and Co-base model superalloys: A comparative study using rapid thermal annealing and advanced electron microscopy (2021) Kubacka D, Weiser M, Spiecker E Journal article Intrinsic nano-diffusion-couple for studying high temperature diffusion in multi-component superalloys (2021) Eggeler Y, Kubacka D, Pichler P, Wu M, Spiecker E Journal article Protective Alumina Scale Growth at 900 °C for a Ni- and Cr-Free Co-Base Model Alloy with γ/γ’-Microstructure: Synergistic Effects by Combining Shot-Peening and Halogenation (2021) Hagen S, Beck K, Kubacka D, Zschau HE, Galetz MC, Spiecker E, Virtanen S Journal article On the High-Temperature Oxidation Behavior of a Ta-Containing Quaternary Co-Base Model Alloy System with γ/γ′-Microstructure - Influence of γ′-Volume Fraction, Surface State, and Heating Condition on Alumina Growth (2020) Hagen S, Weiser M, Kubacka D, Spiecker E, Virtanen S Journal article Using Rapid Thermal Annealing for Studying Early Stages of High-Temperature Oxidation of Superalloys (2020) Kubacka D, Eggeler Y, Volz N, Neumeier S, Spiecker E Conference contribution, Conference Contribution