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Endothelialization of Whey Protein Isolate-Based Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration (2023) Genc H, Friedrich B, Alexiou C, Pietryga K, Cicha I, Douglas TE Journal article Adjusting Degree of Modification and Composition of gelAGE-Based Hydrogels Improves Long-Term Survival and Function of Primary Human Fibroblasts and Endothelial Cells in 3D Cultures (2023) Genc H, Cianciosi A, Lohse R, Stahlhut P, Groll J, Alexiou C, Cicha I, Juengst T Journal article A Print-and-Fuse Strategy for Sacrificial Filaments Enables Biomimetically Structured Perfusable Microvascular Networks with Functional Endothelium Inside 3D Hydrogels (2022) Ryma M, Genc H, Nadernezhad A, Paulus I, Schneidereit D, Friedrich O, Andelovic K, et al. Journal article, Original article Differential responses to bioink‐induced oxidative stress in endothelial cells and fibroblasts (2021) Genc H, Hazur J, Karakaya E, Dietel B, Bider F, Groll J, Alexiou C, et al. Journal article Polydopamine and gelatin coating for rapid endothelialization of vascular scaffolds (2021) Kopeć K, Wojasiński M, Eichler M, Genc H, Friedrich RP, Stein R, Singh R, et al. Journal article Melt Electrowriting of Isomalt for High-Resolution Templating of Embedded Microchannels (2021) Nadernezhad A, Ryma M, Genc H, Cicha I, Jüngst T, Groll J Journal article The Effect of Antibacterial Particle Incorporation on the Mechanical Properties, Biodegradability, and Biocompatibility of PLA and PHBV Composites (2020) Mazur K, Singh R, Friedrich RP, Genc H, Unterweger H, Sałasińska K, Bogucki R, et al. Journal article