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Computational-experimental study of the onset potentials for CO2 reduction on polycrystalline and oxide-derived copper electrodes (2021) Piqué O, Löffler M, Katsounaros I, Calle-Vallejo F Journal article Understanding the Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity of Quasi-1D and 2D N-Doped Heat-Treated Graphene Oxide Catalysts with Inherent Metal Impurities (2021) Nosan M, Löffler M, Jerman I, Kolar M, Katsounaros I, Genorio B Journal article Oxide Reduction Precedes Carbon Dioxide Reduction on Oxide-Derived Copper Electrodes (2021) Löffler M, Mayrhofer K, Katsounaros I Journal article Ag2Cu2O3- a catalyst template material for selective electroreduction of CO to C(2+)products (2020) Marti N, Reller C, Macauley C, Löffler M, Reichert A, Reichbauer T, Vetter KM, et al. Journal article Insights into Liquid Product Formation during Carbon Dioxide Reduction on Copper and Oxide-Derived Copper from Quantitative Real-Time Measurements (2020) Löffler M, Khanipour P, Kulyk N, Mayrhofer K, Katsounaros I Journal article Oxygen Evolution Reaction on Tin Oxides Supported Iridium Catalysts: Do We Need Dopants? (2020) da Silva GC, Venturini SI, Zhang S, Löffler M, Scheu C, Mayrhofer K, Ticianelli EA, Cherevko S Journal article Noncovalent Functionalization and Passivation of Black Phosphorus with Optimized Perylene Diimides for Hybrid Field Effect Transistors (2020) Lloret V, Nuin E, Kohring M, Wild S, Löffler M, Neiß C, Krieger M, et al. Journal article Facile one‑pot synthesis of water‑soluble fcc FePt3 alloy nanostructures (2020) Kizaloğlu Akbulut M, Harreiß C, Löffler M, Mayrhofer KJ, Schöbitz M, Bachmann J, Spiecker E, et al. Journal article Paramelaconite-Enriched Copper-Based Material as an Efficient and Robust Catalyst for Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction (2019) Martić N, Reller C, Macauley C, Löffler M, Schmid B, Reinisch D, Volkova E, et al. Journal article Electrochemical Real-Time Mass Spectrometry (EC-RTMS): Monitoring Electrochemical Reaction Products in Real Time (2019) Khanipour P, Löffler M, Reichert A, Haase FT, Mayrhofer K, Katsounaros I Journal article