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Endogenous Sox8 is a critical factor for timely remyelination and oligodendroglial cell repletion in the cuprizone model (2023) Freudenstein D, Lippert M, Popp JS, Aprato J, Wegner M, Sock E, Haase S, et al. Journal article KLF9 and KLF13 transcription factors boost myelin gene expression in oligodendrocytes as partners of SOX10 and MYRF (2022) Bernhardt C, Sock E, Fröb F, Hillgärtner S, Nemer M, Wegner M Journal article SoxD transcription factor deficiency in Schwann cells delays myelination in the developing peripheral nervous system (2021) Ittner E, Hartwig A, Elsesser O, Wüst H, Fröb F, Wedel M, Schimmel M, et al. Journal article, Original article scRNA sequencing uncovers a TCF4-dependent transcription factor network regulating commissure development in mouse (2021) Wittmann MT, Katada S, Sock E, Kirchner P, Ekici AB, Wegner M, Nakashima K, et al. Journal article, Original article H2B monoubiquitination is essential for peripheral myelination and guided by Egr2 in Schwann cells (2021) Wüst H, Wegener A, Fröb F, Hartwig A, Wegwitz F, Kari VL, Schimmel M, et al. Conference contribution Analysis of Kruppel like factors in oligodendroglial differentiation and myelin gene expression (2021) Bernhardt C, Sock E, Wegner M Conference contribution Matrix stiffness mechanosensing modulates the expression and distribution of transcription factors in Schwann cells (2021) Rosso G, Wehner D, Schweitzer C, Sock E, Guck J, Shahin V, Möllmert S Journal article Using the lineage determinants Olig2 and Sox10 to explore transcriptional regulation of oligodendrocyte development (2021) Sock E, Wegner M Journal article, Review article Egr2-guided histone H2B monoubiquitination is required for peripheral nervous system myelination (2020) Wüst H, Wegener A, Fröb F, Hartwig A, Wegwitz F, Kari V, Schimmel M, et al. Journal article Deciphering the regulatory landscape of fetal and adult gamma delta T-cell development at single-cell resolution (2020) Sagar , Pokrovskii M, Herman JS, Naik S, Sock E, Zeis P, Lausch U, et al. Journal article