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Lesion-conditioning of synthetic MRI-derived subtraction-MIPs of the breast using a latent diffusion model (2024) Kapsner L, Folle L, Hadler D, Eberle J, Balbach E, Liebert A, Ganslandt T, et al. Journal article Detection and prediction of background parenchymal enhancement on breast MRI using deep learning (2023) Das BK, Kapsner L, Ohlmeyer S, Laun FB, Maier A, Uder M, Wenkel E, et al. Conference contribution Reproducibility in 2023 - An End-to-End Template for Analysis and Manuscript Writing (2023) Mang J, Prokosch HU, Kapsner L Journal article Prevalence and influencing factors for artifact development in breast MRI-derived maximum intensity projections (2023) Kapsner L, Balbach E, Laun FB, Baumann L, Ohlmeyer S, Uder M, Bickelhaupt S, Wenkel E Journal article Image quality assessment using deep learning in high b-value diffusion-weighted breast MRI. (2023) Kapsner L, Balbach E, Folle L, Laun FB, Nagel AM, Liebert A, Emons J, et al. Journal article Smart forecasting of artifacts in contrast-enhanced breast MRI before contrast agent administration (2023) Liebert A, Das BK, Kapsner L, Eberle J, Skwierawska D, Folle L, Schreiter H, et al. Journal article DQAgui: a graphical user interface for the MIRACUM data quality assessment tool (2022) Mang JM, Seuchter SA, Gulden C, Schild S, Kraska D, Prokosch HU, Kapsner L Journal article Neural Networks for Distinguishing Rheumatoid Arthritis from Psoriatic Arthritis by Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (2022) Folle L, Bayat S, Kleyer A, Fagni F, Kapsner L, Schlereth M, Meinderink T, et al. Conference contribution, Abstract of a poster CLASSIFICATION OF PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS, SERONEGATIVE RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, AND SEROPOSITIVE RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS USING DEEP LEARNING ON MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING (2022) Folle L, Bayat S, Kleyer A, Fagni F, Kapsner L, Schlereth M, Meinderink T, et al. Conference contribution, Abstract of lecture Postponements in Use of Radiotherapy during the first Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic? An Analysis of Hospital Data (2022) Kapsner L, Brunner T, Christiansen H, Kisser U, Mansoorian S, Prokosch HU, Seuchter S, et al. Conference contribution
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