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Analyzing Vocal Fold Frequency Dynamics Using High-Speed 3D Laser Video Endoscopy (2024) Patel RR, Döllinger M, Jakubaß B, Pinhack H, Katz U, Semmler M Journal article Influence of Perspective Distortion in Laryngoscopy (2023) Veltrup R, Kniesburges S, Semmler M Journal article Effect of functional electric stimulation on phonation in an ex vivo aged ovine model (2023) Jakubaß B, Peters G, Kniesburges S, Semmler M, Kirsch A, Gerstenberger C, Gugatschka M, Döllinger M Journal article Mechanical Parameters Based on High-Speed Videoendoscopy of the Vocal Folds in Patients With Ectodermal Dysplasia (2023) Pelka F, Ensthaler M, Wendler O, Kniesburges S, Schützenberger A, Semmler M Journal article Behind the Complex Interplay of Phonation: Investigating Elasticity of Vocal Folds With Pipette Aspiration Technique During Ex Vivo Phonation Experiments (2023) Scheible F, Lamprecht R, Schaan C, Veltrup R, Henningson JO, Semmler M, Sutor A Journal article Joint Segmentation and Sub-pixel Localization in Structured Light Laryngoscopy (2023) Henningson JO, Semmler M, Döllinger M, Stamminger M Conference contribution Quasi-static ultrasound elastography of ex-vivo porcine vocal folds during passive elongation and adduction (2022) Lamprecht R, Scheible F, Veltrup R, Schaan C, Semmler M, Henningson JO, Sutor A Journal article Synthetic mucus for an ex vivo phonation setup: Creation, application, and effect on excised porcine larynges (2022) Peters G, Jakubaß B, Weidenfeller K, Kniesburges S, Böhringer D, Wendler O, Müller SK, et al. Journal article Re-Training of Convolutional Neural Networks for Glottis Segmentation in Endoscopic High-Speed Videos (2022) Döllinger M, Schraut T, Henrich LA, Chhetri D, Echternach M, Johnson AM, Kunduk M, et al. Journal article Real-Time 3D Reconstruction of Human Vocal Folds via High-Speed Laser-Endoscopy (2022) Henningson JO, Stamminger M, Döllinger M, Semmler M Conference contribution, Original article
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