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Computational Analysis of Histamine Protonation Effects on H1R Binding (2023) Conrad M, Horn A, Sticht H Journal article The crystal structure of the varicella-zoster Orf24-Orf27 nuclear egress complex spotlights multiple determinants of herpesvirus subfamily specificity (2022) Schweininger J, Kriegel M, Häge S, Conrad M, Alkhashrom S, Lösing J, Weiler S, et al. Journal article Effect of Ions and Sequence Variants on the Antagonist Binding Properties of the Histamine H1 Receptor (2022) Conrad M, Söldner C, Sticht H Journal article, Original article N-Terminus to Arginine Side-Chain Cyclization of Linear Peptidic Neuropeptide y Y4Receptor Ligands Results in Picomolar Binding Constants (2021) Konieczny A, Conrad M, Ertl FJ, Gleixner J, Gattor AO, Grätz L, Schmidt MF, et al. Journal article, Original article Computational decomposition reveals reshaping of the SARS‐CoV‐2–ACE2 interface among viral variants expressing the N501Y mutation (2021) Socher E, Conrad M, Heger L, Paulsen F, Sticht H, Zunke F, Arnold P Journal article, Original article Specific engineered G protein coupling to histamine receptors revealed from cellular assay experiments and accelerated molecular dynamics simulations (2021) Höring C, Conrad M, Söldner C, Wang J, Sticht H, Strasser A, Miao Y Journal article, Original article Mutations in the B.1.1.7 SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Reduce Receptor-Binding Affinity and Induce a Flexible Link to the Fusion Peptide (2021) Socher E, Conrad M, Heger L, Paulsen F, Sticht H, Zunke F, Arnold P Journal article Agonist binding and g protein coupling in histamine h2 receptor: A molecular dynamics study (2020) Conrad M, Söldner C, Miao Y, Sticht H Journal article, Original article Nuclear Egress Complexes of HCMV and Other Herpesviruses: Solving the Puzzle of Sequence Coevolution, Conserved Structures and Subfamily-Spanning Binding Properties (2020) Marschall M, Häge S, Conrad M, Alkhashrom S, Kicuntod J, Schweininger J, Kriegel M, et al. Journal article, Review article High-resolution crystal structures of two prototypical β- And γ-herpesviral nuclear egress complexes unravel the determinants of subfamily specificity (2020) Muller Y, Häge S, Alkhashrom S, Höllriegl T, Weigert S, Dolles S, Hof K, et al. Journal article