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Bilinear Expectation Propagation for Distributed Semi-Blind Joint Channel Estimation and Data Detection in Cell-Free Massive MIMO (2024) Karataev A, Forsch C, Cottatellucci L Journal article Optimal Antenna Placement for Two-Antenna Near-Field Wireless Power Transfer (2023) Mayer K, Cottatellucci L, Schober R Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Average Harvested Power in THz WPT Systems Employing Resonant-Tunnelling Diodes (2023) Shanin N, Clochiatti S, Mayer K, Cottatellucci L, Weimann N, Schober R Conference contribution Optimal Energy Signal Design for Multi-user MISO WPCNs with Non-linear Energy Harvesting Circuits (2023) Shanin N, Hagelauer A, Cottatellucci L, Schober R Journal article Optimal Resource Allocation and Beamforming for Two-User MISO WPCNs for a Non-linear Circuit-Based EH Model (2022) Shanin N, Garkisch M, Hagelauer A, Schober R, Cottatellucci L Conference contribution Optimal Transmit Strategy for Multi-User MIMO WPT Systems With Non-Linear Energy Harvesters (2022) Shanin N, Schober R, Cottatellucci L Journal article, Original article OPTIMAL RESOURCE ALLOCATION AND BEAMFORMING FOR TWO-USER MISO WPCNs FOR A NON-LINEAR CIRCUIT-BASED EH MODEL (Invited Paper) (2022) Shanin N, Garkisch M, Hagelauer A, Schober R, Cottatellucci L Conference contribution Enforcing Statistical Orthogonality in Massive MIMO Systems via Covariance Shaping (2022) Mursia P, Atzeni I, Cottatellucci L, Gesbert D Journal article On the Normalized Laplacian Spectra of Random Geometric Graphs (2022) Hamidouche M, Cottatellucci L, Avrachenkov K Journal article Tackling Pilot Contamination in Cell-Free Massive MIMO by Joint Channel Estimation and Linear Multi-User Detection (2021) Gholami R, Cottatellucci L, Slock D Conference contribution
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