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Smartphone-Based Colorimetric Analysis of Urine Test Strips for At-Home Prenatal Care (2022) Flaucher M, Nissen M, Jäger K, Titzmann A, Pontones C, Hübner H, Fasching P, et al. Journal article Heart Rate Measurement Accuracy of Fitbit Charge 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Device Evaluation Study (2022) Nissen M, Slim S, Jäger K, Flaucher M, Hübner H, Danzberger N, Fasching P, et al. Journal article Extended Realities (XRs): How Immersive Technologies Influence Assessment and Training for Extreme Environments (2022) Wirth M, Mehringer W, Gradl S, Eskofier B Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Digital Maternity Records: Motivation, Acceptance, Requirements, Usability and Prototype Evaluation of an Interface for Physicians and Midwives (2021) Dörflinger L, Nissen M, Jäger K, Wirth M, Titzmann A, Pontones C, Fasching P, et al. Conference contribution, Original article Assessing visual exploratory activity of athletes in virtual reality using head motion characteristics (2021) Wirth M, Kohl S, Gradl S, Farlock R, Roth D, Eskofier B Journal article The impact of avatar appearance, perspective and context on gait variability and user experience in virtual reality (2021) Wirth M, Gradl S, Prosinger G, Kluge F, Roth D, Eskofier B Conference contribution Does co-presence affect the way we perceive and respond to emotional interactions? (2021) Bachmann J, Zabicki A, Gradl S, Kurz J, Munzert J, Troje NF, Krueger B Journal article The Stroop Room : A Wearable Virtual Reality Stress Laboratory Based on the Electrocardiogram (2020) Gradl S Thesis An Image-Based Method for Measuring Strabismus in Virtual Reality (2020) Mehringer W, Wirth M, Gradl S, Durner L, Ring M, Laudanski AF, Eskofier B, Michelson G Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Assessing Personality Traits of Team Athletes in Virtual Reality (2020) Wirth M, Gradl S, Mehringer W, Kulpa R, Rupprecht H, Poimann D, Laudanski AF, Eskofier B Conference contribution
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