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Weak measurements and quantum-to-classical transitions in free electron–photon interactions (2023) Pan Y, Cohen E, Karimi E, Gover A, Schönenberger N, Chlouba T, Wang K, et al. Journal article Miniature light-driven nanophotonic electron acceleration and control (2022) Shiloh R, Schönenberger N, Adiv Y, Ruimy R, Karnieli A, Hughes T, England RJ, et al. Journal article, Review article Ultrafast Electron Phase-space Control in a Nanophotonic Structure (2022) Chlouba T, Shiloh R, Illmer J, Kraus S, Yousefi P, Schönenberger N, Niedermayer U, et al. Conference contribution Electron phase-space control in photonic chip-based particle acceleration (2022) Kraus S, Shiloh R, Illmer J, Chlouba T, Yousefi P, Schönenberger N, Niedermayer U, et al. Conference contribution Ultrafast electron control with various means: from multiphoton physics at needle tips to nanophotonic particle acceleration (2021) Shiloh R, Chlouba T, Li A, Dienstbier P, Tafel A, Illmer J, Schönenberger N, et al. Conference contribution Generation and Characterization of Attosecond Microbunched Electron Pulse Trains via Dielectric Laser Acceleration (2019) Schönenberger N, Mittelbach A, Yousefi P, McNeur J, Niedermayer U, Hommelhoff P Journal article Challenges in simulating beam dynamics of dielectric laser acceleration (2019) Niedermayer U, Adelmann A, Bettoni S, Calvi M, Dehler M, Ferrari E, Frei F, et al. Journal article, Review article From strong-field physics in and at nanoscale matter to photonics-based laser accelerators (2019) Kozak M, Higuchi T, McNeur J, Shiloh R, Heide C, Paschen T, Yousefi P, et al. Conference contribution Dielectric laser electron acceleration in a dual pillar grating with a distributed Bragg reflector (2019) Yousefi P, Schönenberger N, McNeur J, Kozak M, Niedermayer U, Hommelhoff P Journal article, Letter Ultrafast scanning electron microscope applied for studying the interaction between free electrons and optical near-fields of periodic nanostructures (2018) Kozak M, McNeur J, Schönenberger N, Illmer J, Li A, Tafel A, Yousefi P, et al. Journal article, Letter
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