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Gradient-based geometry learning for fan-beam CT reconstruction (2023) Thies M, Wagner F, Maul N, Folle L, Meier M, Rohleder M, Schneider LS, et al. Journal article, Original article Handling Label Uncertainty on the Example of Automatic Detection of Shepherd’s Crook RCA in Coronary CT Angiography (2023) Denzinger F, Wels M, Taubmann O, Kordon FJ, Wagner F, Mehltretter S, Gülsün MA, et al. Conference contribution Fast 3D YOLOv3 based standard plane regression of vertebral bodies in intra-operative CBCT volumes (2023) Doerrich S, Kordon FJ, Denzinger F, El Barbari JS, Privalov M, Vetter SY, Maier A, Kunze H Journal article How scan parameter choice affects deep learning-based coronary artery disease assessment from computed tomography (2023) Denzinger F, Wels M, Breininger K, Taubmann O, Mühlberg A, Allmendinger T, Gülsün MA, et al. Journal article Whole-Body Multi-Organ Segmentation Using Anatomical Attention (2023) Liu C, Denzinger F, Folle L, Qiu J, Klein L, Maier J, Kachelrieb M, et al. Conference contribution On the Benefit of Dual-Domain Denoising in a Self-Supervised Low-Dose CT Setting (2023) Wagner F, Thies M, Pfaff L, Aust O, Pechmann S, Weidner D, Maul N, et al. Conference contribution Spatial Lesion Graphs: Analyzing Liver Metastases with Geometric Deep Learning for Cancer Survival Regression (2023) Rist L, Taubmann O, Muhlberg A, Denzinger F, Thamm F, Sühling M, Norenberg D, et al. Conference contribution SEMPAI: a Self-Enhancing Multi-Photon Artificial Intelligence for Prior-Informed Assessment of Muscle Function and Pathology (2023) Mühlberg A, Ritter P, Langer S, Goossens C, Nübler S, Schneidereit D, Taubmann O, et al. Journal article, Original article Robust multi-contrast MRI denoising using trainable bilateral filters without noise-free targets (2023) Pfaff L, Wagner F, Hoßbach J, Preuhs E, Maul N, Thies M, Denzinger F, et al. Conference contribution Deep Learning-Based Anonymization of Chest Radiographs: A Utility-Preserving Measure for Patient Privacy (2023) Packhäuser K, Gündel S, Thamm F, Denzinger F, Maier A Conference contribution, Original article
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