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Intrinsic nano-diffusion-couple for studying high temperature diffusion in multi-component superalloys (2021) Eggeler Y, Kubacka D, Pichler P, Wu M, Spiecker E Journal article The Effect of Alloying on the Thermophysical and Mechanical Properties of Co–Ti–Cr-Based Superalloys (2020) Zenk C, Volz N, Bezold A, Huber LK, Eggeler Y, Spiecker E, Göken M, Neumeier S Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Using Rapid Thermal Annealing for Studying Early Stages of High-Temperature Oxidation of Superalloys (2020) Kubacka D, Eggeler Y, Volz N, Neumeier S, Spiecker E Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Tension/Compression asymmetry of a creep deformed single crystal Co-base superalloy (2019) Lenz M, Eggeler Y, Müller J, Zenk C, Volz N, Wollgramm P, Eggeler G, et al. Journal article, Original article Early stages of scale formation during oxidation of γ/γ' strengthened single crystal ternary Co-base superalloy at 900 °C (2018) Weiser M, Eggeler Y, Spiecker E, Virtanen S Journal article, Original article On the nucleation of planar faults during low temperature and high stress creep of single crystal Ni-base superalloys (2017) Wu X, Dlouhy A, Eggeler Y, Spiecker E, Kostka A, Somsen C, Eggeler G Journal article Identification of a ternary μ-phase in the Co-Ti-W system – An advanced correlative thin-film and bulk combinatorial materials investigation (2017) Naujoks D, Eggeler Y, Hallensleben P, Frenzel J, Fries SG, Palumbo M, Koßmann J, et al. Journal article Planar defect formation in the gamma' phase during high temperature creep in single crystal CoNi-base superalloys (2016) Eggeler Y, Müller J, Titus MS, Suzuki A, Pollock TM, Spiecker E Journal article Creep-induced planar defects in L12-containing Co- and CoNi-base single-crystal superalloys (2015) Titus MS, Eggeler Y, Suzuki A, Pollock TM Journal article, Original article Creep deformation-induced antiphase boundaries in L12-containing single-crystal cobalt-base superalloys (2014) Eggeler Y, Titus MS, Suzuki A, Pollock TM Journal article, Original article