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DEVELOPMENT OF APPROACHES FOR A TWO-LAYER PATCH COMBINING ELECTROSPINNING AND 3D PRINTING WITH IMPROVED ELECTRICAL STIMULUS TRANSMISSION AND SELF-REGULATING VISCOELASTIC PROPERTIES FOR APPLICATION IN CARDIAC TISSUE ENGINEERING (2022) Boccaccini AR, Vogt L, Ruther F, Roshanbinfar K, Engel F Conference contribution Random and aligned electrospun poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL)/poly(1,8-octanediol-co-citrate) (POC) fiber mats for cardiac tissue engineering using benign solvents (2021) Vogt L, Boccaccini AR Journal article Poly(Glycerol Sebacate) in Biomedical Applications—A Review of the Recent Literature (2021) Vogt L, Ruther F, Salehi S, Boccaccini AR Journal article, Review article 4D Biofabrication of fibrous artificial nerve graft for neuron regeneration (2020) Apsite I, Constante G, Dulle M, Vogt L, Caspari A, Boccaccini AR, Synytska A, et al. Journal article Poly(ε-caprolactone)/poly(glycerol sebacate) electrospun scaffolds for cardiac tissue engineering using benign solvents (2019) Vogt L, Ramos Rivera L, Liverani L, Piegat A, El Fray M, Boccaccini AR Journal article Nanofibrous Composite with Tailorable Electrical and Mechanical Properties for Cardiac Tissue Engineering (2019) Roshanbinfar K, Vogt L, Ruther F, Roether J, Boccaccini AR, Engel F Journal article Electrospun Zein Fibers Incorporating Poly(glycerol sebacate) for Soft Tissue Engineering. (2018) Vogt L, Liverani L, Roether J, Boccaccini AR Journal article Electroconductive Biohybrid Hydrogel for Enhanced Maturation and Beating Properties of Engineered Cardiac Tissues (2018) Roshanbinfar K, Vogt L, Greber B, Diecke S, Boccaccini AR, Scheibel T, Engel F Journal article, Original article