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An Innovative Arteriovenous (AV) Loop Breast Cancer Model Tailored for Cancer Research (2022) An R, Strissel P, Al-Abboodi M, Robering JW, Reakasame S, Eckstein M, Peddi A, et al. Journal article MOULDING THE FUTURE OF 3D PRINTING: SACRIFICIAL MOULDS FOR THE FABRICATION OF HYDROGEL CONSTRUCTS (2022) Robering JW, Reakasame S, Gao J, Beier JP, Boccaccini AR, Horch RE, Boos AM Conference contribution Development of alginate dialdehyde-gelatin based bioink with methylcellulose for improving printability (2021) Reakasame S, Dranseikiene D, Schrüfer S, Zheng K, Schubert DW, Boccaccini AR Journal article Cell-laden alginate dialdehyde–gelatin hydrogels formed in 3D printed sacrificial gel (2020) Dranseikiene D, Schrüfer S, Schubert DW, Reakasame S, Boccaccini AR Journal article, Original article Biofabrication and Characterization of Alginate Dialdehyde-Gelatin Microcapsules Incorporating Bioactive Glass for Cell Delivery Application (2020) Reakasame S, Jin A, Zheng K, Qu M, Boccaccini AR Journal article Rational design of a triple-layered coaxial extruder system: In silico and in vitro evaluations directed toward optimizing cell viability (2020) Silva C, Cortés-Rodriguez CJ, Hazur J, Reakasame S, Boccaccini AR Journal article Oxidized alginate hydrogels with the GHK peptide enhance cord blood mesenchymal stem cell osteogenesis: A paradigm for metabolomics-based evaluation of biomaterial design (2019) Klontzas ME, Reakasame S, Silva R, Morais JCF, Vernardis S, Macfarlane RJ, Heliotis M, et al. Journal article Alginate-Gelatin based hydrogels for scaffold development and biofabrication in tissue engineering (2019) Reakasame S Thesis Cell laden alginate-keratin based composite microcapsules containing bioactive glass for tissue engineering applications. (2018) Reakasame S, Trapani D, Detsch R, Boccaccini AR Journal article Oxidized Alginate-Based Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering Applications: A Review (2018) Reakasame S, Boccaccini AR Journal article, Report