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Domain generalization across tumor types, laboratories, and species — Insights from the 2022 edition of the Mitosis Domain Generalization Challenge (2024) Aubreville M, Stathonikos N, Donovan TA, Klopfleisch R, Ammeling J, Ganz J, Wilm F, et al. Journal article Multi-level cancer profiling through joint cell-graph representations (2024) Rivera Monroy L, Rist L, Wilm F, Ostalecki C, Baur A, Vera González J, Breininger K, Maier A Journal article Appearance-based Debiasing of Deep Learning Models in Medical Imaging (2024) Wilm F, Reimann MK, Taubmann O, Mühlberg A, Breininger K Conference contribution, Conference Contribution A comprehensive multi-domain dataset for mitotic figure detection (2023) Aubreville M, Wilm F, Stathonikos N, Breininger K, Donovan TA, Jabari S, Veta M, et al. Journal article Adaptive Region Selection for Active Learning in Whole Slide Image Semantic Segmentation (2023) Qiu J, Wilm F, Öttl M, Schlereth M, Liu C, Heimann T, Aubreville M, Breininger K Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Pan-tumor T-lymphocyte detection using deep neural networks: Recommendations for transfer learning in immunohistochemistry (2023) Wilm F, Ihling C, Méhes G, Terracciano L, Puget C, Klopfleisch R, Schüffler P, et al. Journal article Mitosis domain generalization in histopathology images — The MIDOG challenge (2023) Aubreville M, Stathonikos N, Bertram CA, Klopfleisch R, ter Hoeve N, Ciompi F, Wilm F, et al. Journal article Improved HER2 Tumor Segmentation with Subtype Balancing Using Deep Generative Networks (2023) Öttl M, Steenpaß J, Rübner M, Geppert CI, Qiu J, Wilm F, Hartmann A, et al. Conference contribution Abstract: Pan-tumor CAnine CuTaneous Cancer Histology (CATCH) Dataset (2023) Wilm F, Fragoso M, Marzahl C, Qiu J, Puget C, Diehl L, Bertram CA, et al. Conference contribution Mind the Gap: Scanner-Induced Domain Shifts Pose Challenges for Representation Learning in Histopathology (2023) Wilm F, Fragoso M, Bertram CA, Stathonikos N, Ottl M, Qiu J, Klopfleisch R, et al. Conference contribution
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