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Advanced Polycrystalline γ′-Strengthened CoNiCr-Based Superalloys (2024) Neumeier S, Freund L, Bezold A, Köbrich M, Vollhüter J, Hausmann D, Solis C, et al. Journal article Oxidation Behavior of the Polycrystalline Ni-Base Superalloy VDM® Alloy 780 (2023) Kirchmayer A, Weiser M, Randelzhofer P, Freund L, Gehrmann B, Haghighat MH, Huenert D, et al. Journal article Deformation Mechanisms in Compositionally Complex Polycrystalline CoNi-Base Superalloys: Influence of Temperature, Strain-Rate and Chemistry (2022) Bezold A, Freund L, Förner A, Völkl J, Huber LK, Göken M, Neumeier S Journal article Cracking during High-Temperature Deformation of a High-Strength Polycrystalline CoNi-Base Superalloy (2022) Hausmann D, Freund L, Solis C, Giese S, Göken M, Gilles R, Neumeier S Journal article Crack-Free Welding of a Co-Base Superalloy with High γ' Precipitate Fraction (2022) Haußmann L, Burbaum B, Stoehr B, Förner A, Freund L, Göken M, Neumeier S Journal article Enhancing the high-temperature strength of a Co-base superalloy by optimizing the γ/γ' microstructure (2020) Hausmann D, Solís C, Freund L, Volz N, Heinemann A, Göken M, Gilles R, Neumeier S Journal article Understanding raft formation and precipitate shearing during double minimum creep in a γ′-strengthened single crystalline Co-base superalloy (2020) Xue F, Zenk C, Freund L, Neumeier S, Göken M Journal article High-temperature corrosion of Inconel (R) Alloy 718, Haynes (R) 282 (R) Alloy and CoWAlloy1&2 in supercritical ammonia/ammonium chloride solutio (2018) Kimmel AC, Malkowski TF, Griffiths S, Hertweck B, Steigerwald T, Freund L, Neumeier S, et al. Journal article Microstructure and compression strength of Co-based superalloys hardened by γ′ and carbide precipitation (2018) Carton-Cordero M, Campos M, Freund L, Kolb M, Neumeier S, Göken M, Torralba JM Journal article The Effect of a Grain Boundary Pinning B2 Phase on Polycrystalline Co-Based Superalloys with Reduced Density (2018) Freund L, Stark A, Kirchmayer A, Schell N, Pyczak F, Göken M, Neumeier S Journal article
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