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Three-dimensional pose estimation of deformable linear object tips based on a low-cost, two-dimensional sensor setup and AI-based evaluation (2022) Fröhlig S, von Fabris auf Mayerhofen M, Meiners M, Franke J Conference contribution Manufacturing process curve monitoring with deep learning (2021) Meiners M, Kuhn M, Franke J Journal article Process curve analysis with machine learning on the example of screw fastening and press-in processes (2021) Meiners M, Mayr A, Franke J Journal article, Original article Prediction of the Joint Cross-Section of Laser-Welded Hairpin Windings Based on 2D Image Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks (2020) Mayr A, Hauck L, Meiners M, Franke J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Towards an Inline Quality Monitoring for Crimping Processes Utilizing Machine Learning Techniques (2020) Meiners M, Mayr A, Kuhn M, Raab B, Franke J Conference contribution Current Distribution Monitoring in Capacitor Discharge Welding (2020) Meiners M, Reichenstein T, Franke J, Hauenstein R Conference contribution Application of Machine Learning for Product Batch Oriented Control of Production Processes (2020) Meiners M, Mayr A, Thomsen M, Franke J Journal article Deep learning-based automated optical inspection system for crimp connections (2020) Nguyen HG, Meiners M, Schmidt L, Franke J Conference contribution Innovative signal and power connection solutions for alternative powertrain concepts (2020) Fröhlig S, Piechulek N, Friedlein M, Süß-Wolf R, Schmidt L, Kuhn M, Wang L, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Concept of a Machine Learning supported Cross-Machine Control Loop in the Ramp-Up of Large Series Manufacturing (2020) Meiners M, Franke J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution
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