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Longer-term effects of intravenous immunoglobulin treatment in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy: Who benefits? (2020) Terhoeven P, Seybold J, Utz K, Nickel F, Lee DH, Linker R Journal article Real world application of ocrelizumab in multiple sclerosis: Single-center experience of 128 patients (2020) Prockl V, Nickel F, Utz KS, Fröhlich K, Engelhorn T, Hilz MJ, Lee DH, et al. Journal article Diagnostic value of the 2017 McDonald criteria in patients with a first demyelinating event suggestive of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (2019) Lee DH, Peschke M, Utz KS, Linker RA Journal article Efficacy and safety of alemtuzumab versus fingolimod in RRMS after natalizumab cessation (2019) Pfeuffer S, Schmidt R, Straeten FA, Pul R, Kleinschnitz C, Wieshuber M, Lee DH, et al. Journal article Peripheral CD19+ B-cell counts and infusion intervals as a surrogate for long-term B-cell depleting therapy in multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica/neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders (2019) Ellrichmann G, Bolz J, Peschke M, Duscha A, Hellwig K, Lee DH, Linker R, et al. Journal article No evidence of disease activity status over 3 years in a real-world cohort of relapsing remitting MS patients in Germany (2019) Huhn K, Senger D, Utz KS, Schmidt M, Fröhlich K, Waschbisch A, Seifert F, et al. Journal article Vagomimetic Fingolimod effects are compensated by central up-regulation of cardiovagal withdrawal upon rapid blood pressure decrease (2018) Roy S, Wang R, de Rojas Leal C, Liu M, Hoesl K, Lee DH, Linker R, Hilz MJ Conference contribution Reduced pupillary modulation in patients with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis is associated with longer disease duration and higher disease severity (2018) Wang R, Roy S, de Rojas Leal C, Liu M, Hoesl K, Lee DH, Linker R, Hilz MJ Conference contribution Alemtuzumab as rescue therapy in a cohort of 50 relapsing-remitting MS patients with breakthrough disease on fingolimod: a multi-center observational study (2018) Huhn K, Bayas A, Doerck S, Frank B, Gerbershagen K, Hellwig K, Kallmann B, et al. Journal article Brain MRI Lesions are Related to Bowel Incontinence in Multiple Sclerosis (2018) Fröhlich K, Linker R, Engelhorn T, Dörfler A, Lee DH, Huhn K, Schwab S, et al. Journal article
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