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Efficient System Identification using Parallel Connections and Cascades (2020) Hofmann C Thesis Spatial noise-field control with online secondary path modeling: A wave-domain approach (2018) Zhang W, Hofmann C, Bürger M, Abhayapala TD, Kellermann W Journal article Broadband multizone sound rendering by jointly optimizing the sound pressure and particle velocity (2018) Bürger M, Hofmann C, Kellermann W Journal article Estimating parameters of nonlinear systems using the elitist particle filter based on evolutionary strategies (2018) Hümmer C, Hofmann C, Maas R, Kellermann W Journal article The spatial coherence of noise fields evoked by continuous source distributions (2017) Bürger M, Abhayapala TD, Hofmann C, Chen H, Kellermann W Journal article Multizone sound reproduction in reverberant environments using an iterative least-squares filter design method with a spatiotemporal weighting function (2017) Bürger M, Hofmann C, Frankenbach C, Kellermann W Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Retrieval of individualized head-related transfer functions for hearing aid applications (2017) Bürger M, Meier S, Hofmann C, Fischer E, Puder H, Kellermann W Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Online secondary path modeling in wave-domain active noise control (2017) Zhang W, Hofmann C, Bürger M, Kellermann W Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Significance-aware filtering for nonlinear acoustic echo cancellation (2016) Hofmann C, Hümmer C, Günther M, Kellermann W Journal article Multiframe echo suppression based on orthogonal signal decompositions (2016) Huang H, Hofmann C, Kellermann W, Chen J, Benesty J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution
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