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Abstract: Is Medical Chest X-ray Data Anonymous? (2023) Packhäuser K, Gündel S, Münster N, Syben C, Christlein V, Maier A Conference contribution, Abstract of lecture Deep Learning-Based Anonymization of Chest Radiographs: A Utility-Preserving Measure for Patient Privacy (2023) Packhäuser K, Gündel S, Thamm F, Denzinger F, Maier A Conference contribution, Original article Deep learning-based patient re-identification is able to exploit the biometric nature of medical chest X-ray data (2022) Packhäuser K, Gündel S, Münster N, Syben C, Christlein V, Maier A Journal article, Original article Robust Classification from Noisy Labels: Integrating Additional Knowledge for Chest Radiography Abnormality Assessment (2021) Gündel S, Setio AA, Ghesu FC, Grbic S, Georgescu B, Maier A, Comaniciu D Journal article Extracting and Leveraging Nodule Features with Lung Inpainting for Local Feature Augmentation (2020) Gündel S, Setio A, Grbic S, Maier A, Comaniciu D Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Epoch-wise label attacks for robustness against label noise (2020) Gündel S, Maier A Conference contribution Quantifying and Leveraging Classification Uncertainty for Chest Radiograph Assessment (2019) Ghesu FC, Georgescu B, Gibson E, Gündel S, Kalra M, Singh R, Digumarthy S, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Multi-task Learning for Chest X-ray Abnormality Classification on Noisy Labels (2019) Gündel S, Ghesu FC, Grbic S, Gibson E, Georgescu B, Maier A, Comaniciu D Other publication type Learning to recognize abnormalities in chest X-rays with location-aware dense networks (2019) Gündel S, Grbic S, Georgescu B, Liu S, Maier A, Comaniciu D Conference contribution