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Multiple Source Translation Micro-CT Improves Both Field-of-View and Spatial Resolution (2024) Yu H, Ni S, Thies M, Wagner F, Huang Y, Liu F, Maier A Journal article, Original article Exploring Epipolar Consistency Conditions for Rigid Motion Compensation in In-vivo X-ray Microscopy (2024) Thies M, Wagner F, Gu M, Mei S, Huang Y, Pechmann S, Aust O, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Neural Network-based Sinogram Upsampling in Real-measured CT Reconstruction (2024) Augustin L, Wagner F, Thies M, Maier A Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Self-supervised MRI denoising: leveraging Stein’s unbiased risk estimator and spatially resolved noise maps (2023) Pfaff L, Hoßbach J, Preuhs E, Wagner F, Arroyo Camejo S, Kannengiesser S, Nickel D, et al. Journal article Simulation-driven training of vision transformers enables metal artifact reduction of highly truncated CBCT scans (2023) Fan F, Ritschl L, Beister M, Biniazan R, Wagner F, Kreher BW, Gottschalk T, et al. Journal article, Original article Gradient-based geometry learning for fan-beam CT reconstruction (2023) Thies M, Wagner F, Maul N, Folle L, Meier M, Rohleder M, Schneider LS, et al. Journal article, Original article Handling Label Uncertainty on the Example of Automatic Detection of Shepherd’s Crook RCA in Coronary CT Angiography (2023) Denzinger F, Wels M, Taubmann O, Kordon FJ, Wagner F, Mehltretter S, Gülsün MA, et al. Conference contribution Geometric Constraints Enable Self-Supervised Sinogram Inpainting in Sparse-View Tomography (2023) Wagner F, Thies M, Maul N, Pfaff L, Aust O, Pechmann S, Syben C, Maier A Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Unsupervised Super Resolution in X-ray Microscopy using a Cycle-consistent Generative Model (2023) Raghunath A, Wagner F, Thies M, Gu M, Pechmann S, Aust O, Weidner D, et al. Conference contribution On the Benefit of Dual-Domain Denoising in a Self-Supervised Low-Dose CT Setting (2023) Wagner F, Thies M, Pfaff L, Aust O, Pechmann S, Weidner D, Maul N, et al. Conference contribution
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