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The COVID-19 Data Exchange Platform of the German University Medicine (2022) Prokosch HU, Bahls T, Bialke M, Eils J, Fegeler C, Gründner J, Haarbrandt B, et al. Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Linking a Consortium-Wide Data Quality Assessment Tool with the MIRACUM Metadata Repository (2021) Kapsner L, Mang JM, Mate S, Seuchter SA, Vengadeswaran A, Bathelt F, Deppenwiese N, et al. Journal article A Multi-User Terminology Mapping Toolbox (2021) Mate S, Seuchter SA, Ehrenberg K, Deppenwiese N, Zierk J, Prokosch HU, Kraska D, Kapsner L Book chapter / Article in edited volumes A framework for criteria-based selection and processing of fast healthcare interoperability resources (FHIR) data for statistical analysis: Design and implementation study (2021) Gründner J, Gulden C, Kampf M, Mate S, Prokosch HU, Zierk J Journal article Reduced Rate of Inpatient Hospital Admissions in 18 German University Hospitals During the COVID-19 Lockdown (2021) Kapsner L, Kampf M, Seuchter SA, Gründner J, Gulden C, Mate S, Mang JM, et al. Journal article, Original article BiasCorrector: Fast and accurate correction of all types of experimental biases in quantitative DNA methylation data derived by different technologies (2021) Kapsner L, Zavgorodnij MG, Majorova SP, Hotz-Wagenblatt A, Kolychev OV, Lebedev IN, Hoheisel JD, et al. Journal article Patient Cohort Identification on Time Series Data Using the OMOP Common Data Model (2021) Maier C, Kapsner L, Mate S, Prokosch HU, Kraus S Journal article Extending the Minimum Information About BIobank Data Sharing Terminology to Describe Samples, Sample Donors, and Events (2020) Eklund N, Andrianarisoa NH, Van Enckevort E, Anton G, Debucquoy A, Mueller H, Zaharenko L, et al. Journal article Mapping the Entire Record-An Alternative Approach to Data Access from Medical Logic Modules (2020) Kraus S, Toddenroth D, Staudigel M, Rödle W, Unberath P, Griebel L, Prokosch HU, Mate S Journal article Ketos: Clinical decision support and machine learning as a service – A training and deployment platform based on Docker, OMOP-CDM, and FHIR Web Services (2019) Gründner J, Schwachhofer T, Sippl P, Wolf N, Erpenbeck M, Gulden C, Kapsner LA, et al. Journal article
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