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Virtual training and commissioning of industrial bin picking systems using synthetic sensor data and simulation (IMS 2019) (2021) Metzner M, Albrecht F, Fiegert M, Bauer B, Martin S, Karlidag E, Blank A, Franke J Journal article Effiziente KI-Adaption durch synthetische Daten/Efficient AI Adaption using Synthetic Data (2021) Blank A, Baier L, Kedilioglu O, Zhu X, Metzner M, Franke J Journal article, Online publication Hybrid Environment Reconstruction Improving User Experience and Workload in Augmented Virtuality Teleoperation (2021) Blank A, Kosar E, Karlidag E, Guo Q, Kohn S, Sommer O, Walter J, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Adaptive Motion Control Middleware for Teleoperation Based on Pose Tracking and Trajectory Planning (2021) Blank A, Karlidag E, Zikeli G, Metzner M, Franke J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Seven Levels of Detail to structure use cases and interaction mechanism for the development of industrial Virtual Reality applications within the context of planning and configuration of robot-based automation solutions (2021) Schäffer E, Metzner M, Pawlowskij D, Franke J Conference contribution Robotic Technologies for Volume-Optimized Conditioning of Radioactive Waste – VIRERO (2020) Blank A, Havenith A, Kohn S, Querfurth F, Zwingel M, Metzner M, Franke J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution A system for human-in-the-loop simulation of industrial collaborative robot applications (2020) Metzner M, Utsch D, Walter M, Hofstetter C, Ramer C, Blank A, Franke J Conference contribution Intuitive, VR- and Gesture-based Physical Interaction with Virtual Commissioning Simulation Models (2020) Metzner M, Krieg L, Krüger D, Ködel T, Franke J Book chapter / Article in edited volumes High-precision assembly of electronic devices with lightweight robots through sensor-guided insertion (2020) Metzner M, Leurer S, Handwerker A, Karlidag E, Blank A, Hefner F, Franke J Conference contribution Simulation-Based Robot Placement Using a Data Farming Approach (2020) Lechler T, Krem G, Metzner M, Sjarov M, Franke J Book chapter / Article in edited volumes
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