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Eine Trendanalyse von über 190 000 Onlinebewertungen von Orthopäden über die letzten 11 Jahre (2020) Meszmer N Journal article [Are Facebook Ratings Associated with Hospital Quality and Patient Satisfaction? A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Obstetrics Care in German Hospitals]. (2018) Emmert M, Becker S, Meszmer N, Sander U Journal article A cross-sectional study assessing the association between online ratings and clinical quality of care measures for US hospitals: results from an observational study. (2018) Emmert M, Meszmer N, Schlesinger M Journal article, Original article Do online ratings reflect structural differences in healthcare? The example of German physician-rating websites (2018) Meszmer N, Jaegers L, Schöffski O, Emmert M Journal article Das Nürnberger Krankenhaus-Ranking: Qualitätsinformationen verständlich aufberei-tet (2018) Schöffski O, Meszmer N, Emmert M Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Public Reporting: Ein Instrument für mehr Qualität im Gesundheitswesen? (2018) Emmert M, Meszmer N Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Public release of hospital quality data for referral practices in Germany: results from a cluster-randomised controlled trial. (2017) Emmert M, Meszmer N, Jablonski L, Zinth L, Schöffski O, Taheri-Zadeh F Journal article, Original article [A Decade of Online Physician-Rating Websites in Germany: an Assessment of the Current Level of Development]. (2017) Emmert M, Meszmer N Journal article Public Reporting zu Krankenhäusern in den USA und in Großbritannien (2017) Emmert M, Meszmer N, Sander U Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Arztbewertungsportale: Die Kritik der Ärzte (2017) Emmert M, Sander U, Kolb B, Meszmer N Other publication type