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Toxic retrobulbar neuritis due to recurrent nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug-exacerbated respiratory disease-based chronic sinusitis in the left sphenoid sinus: a case report (2023) Schapher M, Brügel J, Güner F, Volbers B, Eichhorn P, Agaimy A, Berger M, et al. Journal article Neutrophil Extracellular Traps Drive Dacryolithiasis (2023) Zlatar L, Timm T, Lochnit G, Bilyy R, Bäuerle T, Munoz Becerra M, Schett G, et al. Journal article Moonlighting chromatin: when DNA escapes nuclear control (2023) Singh J, Boettcher M, Dölling M, Heuer A, Hohberger B, Leppkes M, Naschberger E, et al. Journal article, Review article Calcification in Salivary Gland Cancer Mimicking Sialolithiasis-A Diagnostic Pitfall on Imaging: Report of Two Cases and Brief Review of the Literature (2022) Thimsen V, Fauck V, Wiesmüller M, Agaimy A, Schapher M, Iro H, Koch M, Mantsopoulos K Journal article, Review article Pneumoparotid: Practical impact of Surgeon performed Ultrasound in an effective Diagnostic Approach (2022) Goncalves M, Sievert M, Mantsopoulos K, Schapher M, Müller SK, Iro H, Koch M Journal article The Translational Role of MUC8 in Salivary Glands: A Potential Biomarker for Salivary Stone Disease? (2021) Schicht M, Reichle A, Schapher M, Garreis F, Kleinsasser B, Aydin M, Sahin A, et al. Journal article Ultrasound in inflammatory and obstructive salivary gland diseases: Own experiences and a review of the literature (2021) Koch M, Sievert M, Iro H, Mantsopoulos K, Schapher M Journal article, Review article The current value of quantitative shear wave sonoelastography in parotid gland tumors (2021) Thimsen V, Goncalves M, Koch M, Mantsopoulos K, Hornung J, Iro H, Schapher M Journal article Intraductal Fragmentation in Sialolithiasis Using Pneumatic Lithotripsy: Initial Experience and Results (2021) Koch M, Schapher M, Sievert M, Mantsopoulos K, Iro H Journal article Is extracapsular dissection for pleomorphic adenoma rather a euphemism for enucleation that jeopardises the intactness of the capsule? (2021) Mantsopoulos K, Iro AK, Sievert M, Müller SK, Agaimy A, Schapher M, Koch M, Iro H Journal article
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