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Effects of an App-Based Mindfulness Intervention during Pregnancy on the Infant’s Prenatal Androgen Exposure: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial (2023) Siegmann EM, Eichler A, Buchholz VN, Gerlach J, Pontones C, Titzmann A, Arnaud N, et al. Journal article Cerebroplacental versus Umbilicocerebral Ratio—Analyzing the Predictive Value Regarding Adverse Perinatal Outcomes in Low- and High-Risk Fetuses at Term (2023) Stumpfe F, Mayr A, Schneider M, Kehl S, Stübs F, Antoniadis S, Titzmann A, et al. Journal article Feasibility and Acceptance of Self-Guided Mobile Ultrasound among Pregnant Women in Routine Prenatal Care (2023) Pontones C, Titzmann A, Hübner H, Danzberger N, Rübner M, Häberle L, Eskofier B, et al. Journal article Veranstaltungsbericht – Rückblick auf die Summer School für Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe an der Universitätsfrauenklinik Erlangen (2022) Zahn A, Titzmann A, Pontones C Journal article, Editorial Smart sensing in pregnancy: a survey-based evaluation of readiness to use wearable sensory applications in prenatal care (2022) Weidenthaler F, Danzberger N, Pontones C, Titzmann A, Hein A, Beckmann M, Fasching P, Huebner H Conference contribution Smartphone-Based Colorimetric Analysis of Urine Test Strips for At-Home Prenatal Care (2022) Flaucher M, Nissen M, Jäger K, Titzmann A, Pontones C, Hübner H, Fasching P, et al. Journal article Pregnant and Postpartum Women Requiring Intensive Care Treatment for COVID-19—First Data from the CRONOS-Registry (2022) Sitter M, Pecks U, Rüdiger M, Friedrich S, Malfertheiner SF, Hein A, Königbauer JT, et al. Journal article Digital Maternity Records: Motivation, Acceptance, Requirements, Usability and Prototype Evaluation of an Interface for Physicians and Midwives (2021) Dörflinger L, Nissen M, Jäger K, Wirth M, Titzmann A, Pontones C, Fasching P, et al. Conference contribution, Original article Management of Uterus bicornis unicollis with a right-sided Outflow Obstruction in a 13-year-old Girl (2020) Lubrich H, Pontones C, Koch M, Fahlbusch C, Oppelt P, Beckmann M Conference contribution Preconceptual Counseling, Prenatal Care and peripartum Management of Female Patients with Ullrich-Turner Syndrome and a High-risk cardiovascular Profile (2020) Pontones C, Lubrich H, Schwenke E, Cupisti S, Dittrich R, Kehl S, Beckmann M, et al. Conference contribution