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A Sustainable Method for Removal of the Full Range of Liquid and Solid Hydrocarbons from Water Including Up- and Recycling (2023) Gaß H, Sarcletti M, Müller L, Hübner S, Yokosawa T, Park H, Przybilla T, et al. Journal article, Original article Remediation of charged organic pollutants—binding motifs for highly efficient water cleaning with nanoparticles (2023) Eigen A, Schmidt V, Sarcletti M, Freygang S, Hartmann-Bausewein A, Schneider V, Zehetmeier A, et al. Journal article, Original article Tunable Composition of Mixed Self-Assembled Shell-by-Shell Structures on Nanoparticle Surfaces (2022) Eigen A, Stiegler L, Gradl S, Schneider V, Wedler V, Gaß H, Müller L, et al. Journal article Magnetic water cleaning (2021) Halik M, Sarcletti M, Zahn D Journal article The remediation of nano-/microplastics from water (2021) Sarcletti M, Park H, Wirth J, Englisch S, Eigen A, Drobek D, Vivod D, et al. Journal article, Original article Non-substituted fused bis-tetracene based thin-film transistor with self-assembled monolayer hybrid dielectrics (2020) Zhao B, Feofanov M, Lungerich D, Park H, Rejek T, Wittmann J, Sarcletti M, et al. Journal article Wafer-Scale Organic Complementary Inverters Fabricated with Self-Assembled Monolayer Field-Effect Transistors (2020) Zhao B, Gothe B, Sarcletti M, Zhao Y, Rejek T, Liu X, Park H, et al. Journal article Use of oleophilic magnetite nanoparticles as efficient sorbent for water contaminants (2019) Sarcletti M, Vivod D, Luchs T, Rejek T, Portilla L, Hirsch A, Zahn D, Halik M Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Potent method of extracting glyphosate from water using superparamagnetic nanoparticles (2019) Park H, Sarcletti M, Halik M Conference contribution Superoleophilic Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Effective Hydrocarbon Removal from Water (2019) Sarcletti M, Vivod D, Luchs T, Rejek T, Portilla Berlanga L, Müller L, Dietrich H, et al. Journal article