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A comparative analysis of the cytocompatibility, protein adsorption, osteogenic and angiogenic properties of the 45S5- and S53P4-bioactive glass compositions (2024) Westhauser F, Arango Ospina M, Hupa L, Renkawitz T, Boccaccini AR, Kunisch E Journal article The Addition of Zinc to the ICIE16-Bioactive Glass Composition Enhances Osteogenic Differentiation and Matrix Formation of Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (2024) Rehder F, Arango Ospina M, Decker S, Saur M, Kunisch E, Moghaddam A, Renkawitz T, et al. Journal article A comparative in vitro and in vivo analysis of the biological properties of the 45S5-, 1393-, and 0106-B1-bioactive glass compositions using human bone marrow-derived stromal cells and a rodent critical size femoral defect model (2023) Kunisch E, Fiehn LA, Saur M, Arango Ospina M, Merle C, Hagmann S, Stiller A, et al. Journal article Poly(Glycerol Succinate) as Coating Material for 1393 Bioactive Glass Porous Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications (2022) Nakiou EA, Lazaridou M, Pouroutzidou GK, Michopoulou A, Tsamesidis I, Liverani L, Arango Ospina M, et al. Journal article In vitro and in ovo impact of the ionic dissolution products of boron-doped bioactive silicate glasses on cell viability, osteogenesis and angiogenesis (2022) Decker S, Arango Ospina M, Rehder F, Moghaddam A, Simon R, Merle C, Renkawitz T, et al. Journal article 3D-printed β-TCP/S53P4 bioactive glass scaffolds coated with tea tree oil: Coating optimization, in vitro bioactivity and antibacterial properties (2022) Alves APN, Arango Ospina M, Oliveira RLMS, Ferreira IM, de Moraes EG, Hartmann M, de Oliveira APN, et al. Journal article Bioactive glass selectively promotes cytotoxicity towards giant cell tumor of bone derived neoplastic stromal cells and induces MAPK signalling dependent autophagy (2022) Fellenberg J, Losch S, Lehner B, Arango Ospina M, Boccaccini AR, Westhauser F Journal article Bioactive glasses incorporating less-common ions to improve biological and physical properties (2022) Pantulap U, Arango Ospina M, Boccaccini AR Journal article, Review article Effect of glycerol and H3PO4 on the bioactivity and degradability of rod-like SBA-15 particles with active surface for bone tissue engineering applications (2022) Vargas-Osorio Z, Klotschan A, Arango Ospina M, Piñeiro Y, Liverani L, Rivas J, Michálek M, et al. Journal article An in vitro evaluation of the biological and osteogenic properties of magnesium-doped bioactive glasses for application in bone tissue engineering (2021) Hohenbild F, Arango Ospina M, Schmitz SI, Moghaddam A, Boccaccini AR, Westhauser F Journal article
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