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Vibration Reduction by Energy Transfer Using Shape Adaption (2024) Nowak A, Willner K, Hasse A Book chapter / Article in edited volumes The modal behaviour of a violin corpus (2024) Akar Ö, Willner K Journal article Percentage Comparison of Fuzzy Numbers Using a Newly Presented Method in the Context of Surrogate Modeling (2024) Oberleiter T, Willner K Journal article Mechanical, microstructural and in-situ neutron diffraction investigations of equi-biaxial Bauschinger effects in an interstitial-free DC06 steel (2022) Härtel M, Illgen C, Panzner T, Bruder E, Schmaltz S, Van Petegem S, Willner K, et al. Journal article Investigating the Modal Behavior of a Violin Top and a Back Plate (2022) Akar Ö, Willner K Conference contribution MSSP Special Issue devoted to Prof. Lothar Gaul (2022) Link M, Rixen D, Schmidt A, Willner K Journal article, Editorial Sampling strategy for fuzzy numbers in the context of surrogate models (2021) Oberleiter T, Willner K Journal article, Online publication Stochastic local FEM for computational homogenization of heterogeneous materials exhibiting large plastic deformations (2021) Pivovarov D, Mergheim J, Willner K, Steinmann P Journal article Investigating different friction models for the stick‐slip effect with nodal contact (2021) Akar Ö, Willner K Journal article Evaluation of the surface fatigue behavior of amorphous carbon coatings through cyclic nanoindentation (2021) Weikert T, Wartzack S, Baloglu MV, Willner K, Gabel S, Merle B, Pineda F, et al. Journal article, Original article