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In vivo multi spectral colonoscopy in mice (2022) Hohmann M, Ganzleben I, Grünberg A, Menezes JG, Klämpfl F, Lengenfelder B, Liebing E, et al. Journal article Random laser as a potential tool for the determination of the scattering coefficient (2021) Hohmann M, Späth M, Ni D, Dörner D, Lengenfelder B, Klämpfl F, Schmidt M Journal article, Original article Proof of principle for direct reconstruction of qualitative depth information from turbid media by a single hyper spectral image (2021) Hohmann M, Hecht D, Lengenfelder B, Späth M, Klämpfl F, Schmidt M Journal article Remote Photoacoustic Sensing Using Single Speckle Analysis by an Ultra-Fast Four Quadrant Photo-Detector (2021) Lengenfelder B, Hohmann M, Späth M, Scherbaum D, Weiß M, Rupitsch S, Schmidt M, et al. Journal article Determination of the diameter of simulated human capillaries using shifted position‐diffuse reflectance imaging (2021) Späth M, Hohmann M, Rohde M, Lengenfelder B, Stelzle F, Klämpfl F Journal article Ultra-fast remote photoacoustic imaging with a non-scanning speckle-based setup (2021) Benyamin M, Genish H, Califa R, Ozana N, Lengenfelder B, Klämpfl F, Zalevsky Z Journal article Direct measurement of the scattering coefficient (2021) Hohmann M, Lengenfelder B, Muhr D, Späth M, Hauptkorn M, Klämpfl F, Schmidt M Journal article Factors influencing the accuracy for tissue classification in multi spectral in-vivo endoscopy for the upper gastro-internal tract (2020) Hohmann M, Albrecht H, Lengenfelder B, Klämpfl F, Schmidt M Journal article Towards shifted position-diffuse reflectance imaging of anatomically correctly scaled human microvasculature (2020) Späth M, Hohmann M, Roider C, Lengenfelder B, Stelzle F, Wirtz S, Klämpfl F Journal article All-optical, an ultra-thin endoscopic photoacoustic sensor using multi-mode fiber (2020) Shabairou N, Lengenfelder B, Hohmann M, Klämpfl F, Schmidt M, Zalevsky Z Journal article
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